Paleo…Round 2

Last night I made buffalo chicken casserole.  If you are looking for some good recipes you should check out Juli Bauer at Paleomg

She gives the recipe there in a sneak peek at her cookbook.  I’ll be honest, even though I’d heard of spaghetti squash, I had no idea what one was before this meal.   The meal ended up with mixed reviews in the house.  My daughter didn’t try it (which I planned for ahead of time) because it was too spicy for her taste.  One son ate it because it was dinner and the other son liked it.  My boys did eat it as more of a dip style using Frito’s corn chips.  I tried it with the corn chips and it did change the taste, mostly by reducing the amount of heat in my mouth. My husband loved it, eating to his heart’s content.  It was definitely a meal that I would make again.

I had some of the leftovers for lunch today.  I melted shredded sharp cheddar cheese on the top.  Why? Because I’m a total cheese addict!  But it was so good!

We are getting prepared for a big snow here in the Blue Ridge mountains.  School has already been canceled for tomorrow so I will be practicing my yogic deep breathing to maintain my sanity!

Let your light shine!


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