Tuesday Truth #73

Tuesday Truth.

Number 73.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The timing of wanting to write a Tuesday Truth just happened to coincide with the holiday. And so what better topic than love! The quote I’d originally planned to share was “Love breeds love”, but I couldn’t find a reputable source linking it to its said author. But, still. It holds a lot of truth in those three small words.

Since that was the sentiment of the truth I wanted to share, I searched through quotes on love until I came across this one by the Dalai Lama. And I knew that it conveyed that same deep wisdom.

Love and compassion are necessary components of life.

Both giving and receiving.

To others and to ourselves.

Read that line again. I think sometimes we forget about that latter one.

So back to the love breeds love… speak words of love over others and yourself.

I’d also argue that kindness breeds kindness…so show kindness to others and to yourself. Through words… through actions.

I get it. Some people are hard to love. Some days more than others. But a little compassion truly goes a long way. So offer up an extra serving today.

To others and to yourself.

Let your light shine!


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