What I Learned From 30 Days Of Preparing A New Recipe Each Day

What I Learned From 30 Days Of Preparing A New Recipe Each Day

  November Challenge. Phew! I made it through my November Challenge. At the end of 30 days, I prepared a total of 36 "new to me" recipes. I found this challenge to be...well...challenging. I'm busy running a household and raising three teenagers and trying to keep a puppy from demolishing every scrap of paper or [...]

Mimosa?  Yes, please!

Mimosa. Sparkling wine....orange juice....and....strawberries.  During these long days of summer this sounds like a little slice of heaven. I know, I know... Wait, it's supposed to be champagne.  No,  there's triple sec.  Is that a Buck's Fizz?  Are you sure you have it right? I think mimosa sounds nicer whether there is triple sec, Grand [...]

Sweet Potato Meatloaf

I've decided that maybe I'll be Paleo-ish.  Yes, I like this term better.  You might remember that when I decided to go wheat-free, my husband decided to jump on my healthy bandwagon, but he prefers the paleo version of life.  Well, I cook the meals and while I am mostly trying to accommodate (sorry, but [...]

Paleo…Round 2

Last night I made buffalo chicken casserole.  If you are looking for some good recipes you should check out Juli Bauer at Paleomg She gives the recipe there in a sneak peek at her cookbook.  I'll be honest, even though I'd heard of spaghetti squash, I had no idea what one was before this meal. [...]