Sweet Potato Meatloaf

I’ve decided that maybe I’ll be Paleo-ish.  Yes, I like this term better.  You might remember that when I decided to go wheat-free, my husband decided to jump on my healthy bandwagon, but he prefers the paleo version of life.  Well, I cook the meals and while I am mostly trying to accommodate (sorry, but beans and rice and chili are my go-to easy meals in this house, and don’t qualify as paleo).  Tonight, I decided to once again try a PaleOMG recipe, savory sweet potato meatloaf.  The recipe can be found here.  I was a little nervous because it is a recipe that calls for raisins (yes, you read that right, raisins).

DSC_0157 - Copy.JPG
This is a bloated raisin.  Check out the recipe and you’ll know what I mean.

At first, I thought I might leave them out, then I thought I’d put them in only 1 of the 2 loaves.  In the end, I just put it in both loaves (mostly because I was too lazy to separate them out!). I did mess up the recipe (I do that sometimes when I’m not sure on my first go round).  I cooked all the bacon and mixed it into the loaf, instead of half cooked and the other half layering the top.  Maybe it would have been prettier that way, but I don’t think it affected the overall recipe.  I served it with some spinach that I sauteed in the cast iron skillet that was still a little coated in bacon grease ( I am loving using my cast iron pan.  It was a wedding gift….so we’ve had it forever and I’ve used it more in the past year than in the 16 prior).

Everybody in the house loved it.  I eat mine with mustard, everyone else is a ketchup fan.  My daughter even had seconds. Which if you knew how limited her food selections were, you’d know that it was a rave review for this new recipe.

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