Random musings on a snowy day

Winter storm Jonas has descended upon us here in Virginia.  Being the Florida transplants that we are, my daughter decided to turn the old soft top surfboard (which has rotated out of use) into a sled.  Friday was a snow day and my kids fully embraced that.  I, however, was fully awake at 6:30 A.M.  What’s that about?!  I don’t even wake up that early on school days.  Before I crawl out of my cozy bed, I usually push the “I’m awake” button on my Fitbit app.  I noticed that it said I only got in 9,999 steps last night.  I’m quite irritated because I was so close at the end of the night that I paced around until it vibrated and jumped into bed (Note to self: walk 5 extra steps after it vibrates or verify it on the app).  Not that it completely matters since I’m only in a competition with myself, but I wanted the dang thing to turn green!!

fitbit 2
Seriously?! 1 step!  A step that I took!  I don’t care about the calorie thing turning green.  I don’t even know how they track it and I don’t log food.

My boys were in and out of the neighborhood with friends.  My daughter was mostly nearby so I used her as my photography muse.  I also was sure to get in my steps and stair around the house.  When I’m cold, I have a tendency to just want to sit around.  I also wanted to see if I could do some push-ups and was excited by the 4 that I cranked out.  My middle child told me that I had good form.  This made me smile really big on the inside.  He does not hand out compliments on a regular basis.  Of course, later I had to show my husband that I could do them and managed 3 more.

insta pic 3
My muse sledding and snowboarding on a surfboard and boogie board.
instagram pics
My instagram posts.  I know, I know… one post a day.  I was snowed in.  Plus, I can always just blame it on being old  (not that I consider myself old)

We also practiced some yoga poses.  It was a lot of fun to have the 2 kids that were home try them with me.  I am also getting a little higher on my pull-up journey.

insta pic 2
Excited that my arms are finally strong enough for Crow Pose (or Bakasana)

I did a little reading for a reading challenge that I’m doing.  I got a little sidetracked as I tend to do and was very amused with myself (but that’s for a later post).

We watched Sharknado (we are behind the times and figured we should catch up seeing how it’s a cult classic).  The snow continued well into the night and we woke up to a blanket of white.

Until next time…

Let your light shine!


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