WPC- A Face Finding Her Way

A Face Finding Her Way.



Confusion sets in

Am I this me or that me

Still finding myself

-Amy Lyon Smith


I’ve been wanting to take a try at writing Haiku.  I like how it expresses so much by saying so little. I tend to get sidetracked and tell 100 different stories before coming back to the first, so I admire how Haiku is concise and to the point. I did follow the traditional 5-7-5 syllable pattern, but not in themes.


When I saw that the Weekly Photo challenge was face, I knew that I would choose this photo from this winter.  It was the photo that prompted the self-portrait in The Red Door post.  I came home from running errands and the way the sun was shining created a reflection in the storm door.  I loved that it wasn’t your typical way of capturing a self-portrait in a mirror.  I was there, but there were elements of the door behind creating this portrait that wasn’t fully me. I set this one in black and white because it made it all seamlessly blend together.

I took this photo a few weeks after my first blog post.  I was still really unsure at that time if I wanted my words to be seen.  I was questioning whether this was the journey, whether I was listening to God, and wondering where he was leading.  However, for me, in that moment, this photo captured a new me, one who had begun looking at life through a different lens.   In fact, I posted this photo on Instagram that day, February 4th, with the quote:

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things -Henry Miller

Gratitude and Mindfulness.

Much of my journey these past 5 months has been about a new way of seeing things.  Seeing things with an eye for gratitude and awe.

To see the amazing intricacy of a “weed” that has sprouted from the ground, resilient in its right to exist and yet fragile enough to be blown away in a gentle breeze.

To see with new eyes as the sky turns pinks and blues and the sun nestles behind the mountains, lowering to its slumber.

To watch the ocean kiss the shoreline and then taste the salt upon my lips and feel the warmth of the sunshine upon my skin.

I am learning to turn my face more often to the One who created this beauty.

To daily notice how amazing this world is despite its share of heartaches.

I am spending more time turning my ear to hear the birds sing and breathing in the thick heat of a sunny day.

Today I read a post by (in)courage based on this verse:

Lord, I stand in awe of Your deeds. -Habbakuk 3:2

When I stand in awe of His deeds, I begin to hear his voice. My eyes open to see the wonder.

I take the time to taste the mix of sweet and tart in the ripened strawberry upon my lips. I stop to smell the rain as it comes rolling in. I watch as green comes sprouting from deep within the ground, springtime bringing forth new life.

Then I can begin to feel his grace wrap around me.

I am blossoming along with all the tiny buds.

I am searching for who He has called me to be.

It is springtime.

And I am new.

Let your light shine!


10 thoughts on “WPC- A Face Finding Her Way

  1. “Am I this me or that me”
    you are all and none.
    question who you are? why?
    you are you, whomever that my be at any given time. for you are not the person you were yesterday and will not be the person tomorrow. for you are you right this minute, the present. let it be. 😉

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