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So it’s already Thursday again!  Time for another round of Thursday Doors hosted by Norm 2.0.  If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have already suspected where my door finds would come from.

I have been on a hunt for a coffee table…for at least 3 years, so that tells you the priority it has taken.  We’ve been using my cedar chest, which is not my preference!  But a coffee table is such a central focus that I want to make sure that it’s exactly what I want.  We (and by “we”, I mean my husband) have finally painted the main areas of the house.  We ended up in an 80’s contemporary, so while it has lots of character, it needs some updating.  We still have to deal with all the trim, window coverings, etc…etc… but that’s a story for another time.

I have been looking at thrift shops for a coffee table that I might tackle refinishing (something I’ve been wanting to try) and have looked at building  (read: convincing my husband to do it) and painting one myself. Since I want it to be a focal point, I thought I’d check Black Dog Salvage to see if they had anything that was of interest.  And of course, check out some doors while I was there.

There’s something about a blue door that makes it pop!

If you are familiar with the DIY Network then you might have seen the show Salvage Dawgs.  Black Dog Salvage is the 40,000 sq ft building where they sell their treasures.  I love HGTV and DIY and can end up losing a whole day watching shows. Not because I’m overly handy, but just because it’s so fascinating. I usually DVR and binge watch because it’s easier that way.

Anyways! I had never visited Roanoke before my husband took a job and moved up here while I stayed in Florida with the kids to finish out the school year.  I’d been coming up to Lynchburg for 15 years and we had visited Charlottesville and Lexington.  We also regularly went to Bedford  to go antiquing and to the Peaks of Otter. But never Roanoke.  So when I saw this show with these people from the town I was moving to, I had to watch.  I didn’t see it from the beginning, but it was early 2013.

It was on my go-to list of visits when we came up.  I don’t get there often because I’m busy with this thing… called life and raising (chauffeuring) teens.  10 days until the oldest gets his license. Can you see me doing a happy dance?!

Today was the first time I’ve been able to go there without my kids.  And it was marvelous!  I could take my time and look at everything.  Even look at it twice if I felt like it!

This is the real restroom, but I love the feel of the lettering on the door.

The place was pretty busy and workers were bustling about. I’m still a little shy about being on display with the DSLR camera.  I used it discretely, although someone was coming out of an “employee only” area right into a door I was photographing. Eek!  Some doors that were in the main area ended up being taken with the Iphone.

I did see some coffee tables that I’m considering.  I also saw lots of other things that I’m obsessing over.  I don’t prefer mass produced items in my house so I love that they have so many custom creations.  I’ve only included a few of my favorite doors because I’m saving some for later. I’m usually in my little neck of the woods where it’s harder to get door pictures without looking like a stalker!


From my favorite door
And I can see why it was already sold!

While I was in the door section, Sally came sidling past me from behind.  I loved how she exuded a complete confidence and ownership as she came around that corner.  I whipped out the cell for a pic, but she was already on her way :).  I also saw Mike Whiteside who smiled and said hello before stopping to talk to a couple from Arizona who were on their honeymoon.


I hope you enjoyed the doors, you can check out others from around the world here.


Let your light shine!


11 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Salvaged Doors

    1. That’s what I’m thinking. I have a couple of small pieces to try out chalk painting on since I’ve never used it. I have to figure out how to balance it with the pieces I can’t justify getting rid of! And the last one as a garden gate would be awesome!

  1. That last door, with the sliding bolt, that is just plain DREAMY! I love it! (Especially your close-up, with all that texture.)

  2. I’ll bet that was a fun visit. Your fave is my fave too – I’d love to see how and where it will be used. There’s an architectural antiques/salvage store like this not far from my wife’s office. We drive past the place at least a few times a month and I HAVE to stay out of the place, otherwise I can lose myself for hours just admiring it all.

    1. It was so much fun. Especially without somebody rushing me through. They also have an area where there are vendors booths and it’s interesting to see the eclectic collections. The creations that they custom build are amazing. I may need to go back just to admire the sheer creativity in some of the pieces!!

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