What does your chill time look like?


Chill. Relax.


Where, or when, or how, or with whom, do you find this place?

That’s what Nikki over at Flying Through Water has asked us to ponder this week.

Originally, I thought I’d say yoga.

Yoga Namaste


I shared a little about how yoga has been transformative in my life in this post. My practice mainly consists of Bodyflow classes at my gym, which is similar to some power yoga that I have taken.

I’ve been considering doing more with my practice after finding that I really enjoyed my Pilates class that focused on breath work. I don’t often practice at home because I like the verbal cues that keep me focused on the present moment. I’ve even thought I would enjoy teacher training, not because I have any desire to teach, but because then I would learn more of the depth of yoga from somebody with knowledge.

Yes. I do find my chill in yoga. My moments in savasana center me.


But I also have other places that I find my chill. And recently, I spent some time pondering them. I know some people going through some heavy stuff and sometimes after turning their heavy stuff around in my mind (because turning and turning is what I do), I find myself needing moments to analyze the meaning of life.

To examine my life.

To just be.

Alex and Ani Seek Solitude bracelet

Here and Now.

And so yesterday… I just was.

I came home from Pilates and made Miss Sunshine breakfast. As I popped open the can of biscuits, I thought about how I should learn to make biscuits so there wouldn’t be all these strange ingredients. I watched as the bacon sizzled in my cast iron pan, waiting for it to get to the crispy, almost burnt way Miss Sunshine likes it. Then, I cracked open the egg, popped its yolk, waiting until I knew the moment to flip it over. Finally, I put it all on the biscuit for Miss Sunshine.

I helped Miss Sunshine gather her things to meet some friends. I dropped her off.

I came home and made my late riser, Mr. D, some breakfast. I watched the bacon sizzle, remembering to take it off well before my crispy preference. As I placed it on the plate, I watched as it still sizzled. Turning back to the stove, I cracked two eggs into the skillet, careful not to bust the yolk, watching for that moment to flip and finish out the over-medium eggs.

Social Detox.

I did not go on Instagram (which for me is rare) and spent little time in the blog world. I needed a break from the pressure of trying to achieve. I was very open in this post about how part of my blogging journey was about discovering a passion that would eventually yield some form of income. And sometimes, I need to step back and reassess if I’m still walking and spending time on the path that feels like a soul call.


I did not do any of my 20-minute bursts of decluttering.

I read and read and read.

Then, I studied some subjects of interest online and climbed deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of my insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Blowing Bubbles.

I stood on my back porch while the puppy played with sticks and blew bubbles. I watched as the wind carried them and the sun made the magentas, blues, and greens swirl round and round.

I was reminded of two photos taken while in Scotland.


An evening stroll took us onto the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. In the pedestrian area, there were people everywhere. And amongst them, a man creating giant bubbles that the children loved to chase.

Bubble blowing of this magnitude is unusual to me. I do not live somewhere this is commonplace, and yet I also saw a man creating the same gigantic bubbles in Vondelpark while I was in Amsterdam.

For me, these moments create a connection in humanity.


That wherever we are, we find beauty and joy in something as simple as a bubble floating on the air.

As I thought about where I find my chill, I realized I find it in the little moments.

The moments where I am fully present.

The little moments that take my breath away.

The little moments that make me grateful to be alive.

Damselfly on a blade of grass

Personal Growth.

Yesterday somebody looked through quite a few of my old posts. I don’t know if they actually read them, but I went back and read quite a few of the ones they clicked on.

In review, I can see how I’ve grown.

Yet, I can also see how I’m the same.

Ever deep in thought…always seeking the simplicity…learning to find the beauty in the chaos.


Let your light shine!



20 thoughts on “What does your chill time look like?

  1. I am definitely chillaxin more than usual this week. But I’m me, and so relaxing isn’t my thing, but I have taken great care with laundry and cooking — the sorta domestic tasks that seem natural.
    Hand to God, we bought bottles of bubbles to blow, and are waiting for a nice porch-sittin evening. These days are a bit steamy, but some nice nights are ahead.

    1. I hope you get a nice porch-sitting evening for some bubble blowing! It’s quite calming for the soul. I randomly passed the bubbles at the store and thought that I would enjoy blowing some! πŸ™‚

  2. AMY! This is such a tremendous post. Wow… I don’t even know where to begin. First off, your writing is just superb. It always blows me away! I love that you stepped away from the clutter of social media, and just read about things that interested you. And so unapologetically! And I love how that simply led to your pondering of the pictures and bubble blowing in Amsterdam, which was a moment of human connection that further connects through your writing. It’s pretty neat if you ask me how it comes around like that. This may be strange to say but I almost feel like this post had a musical soundtrack I could nearly hear reading this. It was so tangibly relatable. Thank you for sharing these simple moments with us and motivating us to find the beauty in the chaos <3

    1. Thank you so much Mackenzie! When I opened my e-mail this morning, this was the first message that I saw. I can’t tell you how much this means to me. I often second guess a lot of my writing because the sharing of it puts me in a vulnerable place. I’m so happy that you found the post so relatable and thanks for going on the journey with me in finding the beauty in the chaos. <3

      1. Aww, of course, Amy!!! It makes my day that this touched you so much. I mean every single word. I think you have a way of writing that matches my way of how I aspire to write- so thank you for articulating your thoughts and sharing in your journey with us <3

  3. On a similar theme, I’ve found my thoughts repeatedly returning to Tolkien’s words about small kindnesses being powerful. I’ve noticed a lot of people – particularly in cities – are so self interested that they rarely notice anybody around them that needs a helping hand – even help that will take but a moment from their day.

    1. It’s really a shame when we become so self-absorbed that we can’t stop to notice those around us. And I agree, sometimes it’s those small kindnesses that make the biggest impact.

  4. I love those days when time seems to pause and small details – like the sound of sizzling on the stove – seems to be sharply accentuated. They are moments to be deeply savoured before the chaos descends again … which inevitably it does.

    1. I do love those moments when time seems to pause. Too often I mindlessly pass through my day and then wonder where it went. …and then there’s the moments when the chaos competes with those small details. πŸ˜‰

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