Tuesday Truth #32

Tuesday Truth.

Number 32.

We are on the countdown for the end of the school year. That means my schedule will be even busier!

In recent news, Miss Sunshine got her learner’s permit for driving. I’ve heard that she’s doing really well. Since I don’t passenger well, her dad does the teaching. I don’t ride with them many months later. She’s also getting her braces off today and playing a soccer game tonight. See?! Busy spring. Also, Big Mr. is finishing up some schooling and this is his week of testing. His classes officially end next week and then he will be on the job hunt! And of course Mr. D is finishing up his Senior year and looking forward to graduation day.

Since I’m all about “blooming” past your comfort zones, I thought this was the perfect truth to share this week!

What’s going on in your life lately?

Let your light shine!

17 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #32

  1. Baseball baseball baseball. But, here in Toronto, spring refuses to come so everything gets canceled all the time due to weather. It’s still busy because you have to *plan* for the activity regardless…;)

    1. I completely understand the “planning” for activities that may or may not happen due to the weather. We have so many cancellations at the beginning of the spring season. Even though they will play in rain, thunder shuts that option down. Her travel season in the fall often has tropical storms or hurricanes creating issues. I’m sorry that spring refuses to come!! It waited extra long here but finally showed up. However, it brought insane amounts of pollen. I usually don’t have allergy issues and am this year. My oldest is having an awful time.

  2. Winter came back where I live so we’ve gone into hermit mode again for a little while. 😉

    I like this truth. We do need to continue changing. If we don’t, life can just grow dull.

    1. I’m glad you liked this truth, Rebecca! Winter again?! Ughh… we had some cold days after some warm. I hate when the winter does that. I completely understand hermit mode when that happens!!

  3. My son had the first of five final high school exams today. He said it went well. Let’s keep fingers crossed 😉 ! Can’t wait until he graduates and this chapter is finished….Have a good week, Amy!

    1. Fingers crossed!! My son has an exam on Monday for Spanish V. That will determine whether he gets bilingual certification on his diploma. Then his finals are the week after that. We are ready for this chapter to close as well. You have a good week too, Marcus! 🙂

  4. I received advice, Amy, when I was raising my teenage daughters: small children require your physical energy. Older children require emotional energy. I don’t agree with that now. In retrospect (and even now) my children require physical and emotional energy. A busy time, a rewarding time, and definitely blooming past our comfort zones:) Erica

    1. I agree, Erica! They do require both physical and emotional energy during the entire relationship. It is a busy and rewarding time. 🙂 And, yes, definitely blooming past our comfort zones.

  5. Seriously, you’re missing out on all sorts of excitement by letting your husband have all the fun as your daughter’s primary driving instructor! Lucky me, I unwittingly found myself in that role with my son by process of elimination- I just so happened to be the only adult around whenever it was time for him to practice. 😛

  6. Oh this is sooo so true. Sometimes people talk about change like it’s a bad thing, but it is such a great thing to grow and bloom!! So glad all is well with Miss Sunshine and her driving! Good luck to Big Mr. on the job hunt! Congrats to Mr. D on graduating too – so exciting- and you were not kidding about a busy spring! Have a great weekend 🙂 Also- do you have time to watch GOT?! I know you used to watch when it was on before, right?!

    1. Thanks, Mackenzie! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. We were a little behind, but caught up with GOT! OH MY GOODNESS!!! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

      1. I am so excited to catch up! I just got back home late last night and finally am caught up and ready to finish the recent episode tonight! Can hardly wait!!!

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