Tuesday Truth #70

Tuesday Truth.

Number 70.

Last month, I shared a quote from Rumi in my Tuesday Truth #69.

A call to hold space and listen.

To move beyond “right” and “wrong”.

To meet in the field.

I shared that I was planning to tend that field.

Often these glimmers of wisdom I share are because they are something I need to hear myself.

I needed to be in that field.

And there I stood.

Little did I know that there was a blaze that had started in the dark forest beside that field and it would threaten to burn the entire field and take me with it.

I have walked through one of the hardest periods of my 43 years of existence. A time that threatened to undo me. That tested my resilience to its core. A time during which I needed to have others come alongside me and carry the burden of my overflow. While I am authentic and unabashedly me, trusting someone with the burdens of my soul does not come easily to me. And yet, I knew it was necessary. Those who walked alongside me held me up and spoke words of life into my soul.

The grit is still there, the pearl not fully formed, but I can see it.

I know that beauty will emerge.

The concept of grit becoming a pearl in relation to hardships in life showed up for me in a series of synchronicities. I only had to find the right quote. And while I believe Stephen King is probably referring to writing, his words ring the truth that I hoped to convey.

It is unlikely that we will make it through this lifetime without some experience that brings us to our knees.

We can only hope that after the grit comes the pearl.

Let your light shine!


16 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #70

  1. Ah, Amy I know you’re going to come out at the end a beautiful lustrous pearl. You’re already a beacon in my life leading me to the place of introspection…a place I don’t visit or dwell in long.

    Send hugs! 🥰

  2. A great quote and you have a great attitude. And that is half the battle. An oyster needs to be irritated ton create a pearl and so do we Be strong
    Laugh on the inside, then spring a leak

  3. Yes, you’re onto something profoundly comforting with the idea that grit becomes a pearl. I like your attitude and have to believe that soon you’ll be a pearl, one of your own making.

    1. Thank you. It’s definitely not an enjoyable journey, but sometimes we slog through mud before the cleansing. There is comfort in a pearl forming from this grit. 🙂

  4. A true and apt quote Amy. Life constantly tests us doesn’t it but know in your heart you’ll make it through. Stronger and more beautiful than ever, like that pearl. Sending hugs xx

  5. A good one about the pearl, Amy. I am reading your recent posts in backward chronological order (possibly not a good thing, yet a way for me to catch up with favourite bloggers) I am very sorry about the challenges you are going through. Hugs.xo I have always seen the pearl in you. ❤️

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