Time Travel Tuesday – Blogging Reflection

Blogging Reflection.

As the end of the year approaches, I’ve done some reflecting in the little snippets of downtime here and there.

I’m also a few weeks out from my one year blogiversary.

So my travel back in time this week isn’t into the distant past, it’s to the beginning of 2016.


You can find my very first post HERE

A year for transition.

A year to press outside comfort zones, a year to grow, and to a year to figure out who I was outside of motherhood.

I pressed, I grew, but I do not know if I’ve still figured out enough to give a solid answer to the third part of the above statement.

One of my goals for the coming year was to get a passport and use the said passport.  

The process has been started and I will be stepping out of comfort zones next year by embarking on new adventures.

I’m hoping to have more posts up this week and catch up on reading everyone else’s.  

But should life get in the way, as it often does (especially with the kids on break!), I hope all of my readers have a Wonderful, Safe, and Happy New Year!!


Let your light shine!


17 thoughts on “Time Travel Tuesday – Blogging Reflection

  1. wee-urd (sorta). you mention gettin’ that passport and doin’ NEW stuff. well, the wife has just pretty much decided we are DRIVING OUR (her) NEW CAR ACROSS THE COUNTRY. soon. That’ll disrupt whatever semblance of complacency I’ve been striving for !

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