Time Travel Tuesday – Blogging Reflection

Blogging Reflection. As the end of the year approaches, I've done some reflecting in the little snippets of downtime here and there. I'm also a few weeks out from my one year blogiversary. So my travel back in time this week isn't into the distant past, it's to the beginning of 2016. You can find my [...]

Time Travel Tuesday – The Christmas Nail

Traditions. Most families have them. Whether they show up in holidays, weddings, other celebration, or in the daily workings of life. One of our family traditions was started when my children were very young.  In the process of adding ornaments to our Christmas tree, I stumbled across the Christmas Nail.   Christmas Nail. With Christmas [...]

Time Travel Tuesday- Child of the 80’s​

Child of the '80s. I love music.   Love, love, love, music.   My kids will tell you otherwise, but that's because I can't stand it playing from a phone speaker first thing in the morning.   Ok, truth be told, I can't stand much of anything in the morning. We have satellite radio in [...]