Time Travel Tuesday- Tales From Christmas Past

The Christmas Caper of 1983.



As we quickly approach Christmas, I thought we could travel back this week to the days approaching Christmas of 1983.

I had turned 6 years old a few months earlier.  I had sent my letter off to Santa.

Now the patient waiting began.

The countdown of days.

My mom had bought presents for my cousins.  

I was enamored with what she had bought my cousin.  

A Jordache Cheerleader Barbie.  

Google it.  

It was amazing.  

The Jordache logo in red on the unitard.  


A megaphone.

A booklet of cheers.  

And a BATON!  

Could it get any better?  

I loved this Barbie.  

I wanted it for myself.  

Was there any way to let Santa know that this was THE Barbie that I wanted?

Practicing Patience.

Fast forward some days and the presents from my parents are now under the tree.  

I am feeling them all.

Trying to guess what could be inside.

Soft packages….clothes.  

Nope, not what I’m looking for.  

Then I come upon a rectangular package.  

Hmm… this is Barbie size.  

The top, bottom, and back are all solid.  

The front is soft at just the right spot for the thin plastic front of a Barbie box.  

But what kind of Barbie?  

Is it possible that I too have a Jordache Barbie?

How to tell?  

How to know?

Curiosity Wins.

I try to peer under the tape line of the back.  

I’m pretty confident that it’s a Barbie, but is it THE Barbie?

Maybe if I just accidentally press my thumb into the front of the package and accidentally poke a hole into the present.  

That sometimes happens when another package gets set on one.

Nobody would be any the wiser.  

And I could end this gnawing curiosity.



Look at this little hole.  

Let me peer under it.

Oh my goodness!

It’s Jordache Barbie!

Then Curiosity Takes Over.

That should have been the end, but this was so exciting!  

Maybe I can accidentally poke a hole in another.  

And another.  

Oh, and another.

Oh, and what did my brother get?  

Let me poke a hole in his and see.  

And so I did.

I discovered the contents of every package under that tree.

I was a genius!  

Presents get tiny rips in them all the time.  

Nobody would discover my little plot.  

But my parents were not to be fooled.  

While putting something under the tree, a tear was discovered.  

And another.

Oh, and another.  

And so on…

I don’t remember if there were any other troubles that came along with this discovery, but I do have one memory seared into my mind.  

Our family tradition was that we were able to open one present on Christmas Eve. As punishment for my foiled genius, I was not allowed to open a present on Christmas Eve.  

I still remember being sad about the consequence of my decision.

We went over to my Great Grandparents that evening and some of my cousins were there.  

One of them told me that he had been allowed to open EVERY present.  

EVERY present on Christmas Eve?  

Sheer madness!  

That made the sting of not being allowed to open my one present even stronger.


That didn’t stop the next morning from being amazing.  

And there were still some surprises waiting for me under the tree.  

Baby Tippee Toes made her appearance along with a Smurf purse.

And, FINALLY, I was able to hold Jordache Barbie in my hands.

I hope that your days this season are filled with lots of laughter!

Let your light shine!


8 thoughts on “Time Travel Tuesday- Tales From Christmas Past

  1. Great story and memories!

    I have been able to wait, but my parents never put the presents under the tree before we were all (5 kids) fast asleep!
    One of my siblings…my sister right behind me I think used to look for the hidden presents and peek then tell us what we got. Which upset me, because I loved the magic of still pretending there was a Santa for my youngest siblings, and I loved the anticipation of guessing and wondering if I would get what I asked for.
    Mom and Dad got wise through our confessions of knowing ahead of time b/c one of us had found the gifts, peeked, and told. Plus my Dad would feel every present before opening and figure out what he got just like you were able to figure out that box was probably a Barbie. That made my Mom crazy b/c she never could surprise him.

    So, my Mom started numbering the presents instead of putting our names on them, and keeping them in her car trunk! That was the end of my sibling’s hunting sprees, and Dad was able to spoil the surprise for my Mom.

    I still love the anticipation, and wonder of Christmas. I don’t want to know until Christmas morning what are in my packages. 🙂

    1. What great tales! I used to hunt for the hiding places. I think my mom caught on and started wrapping them right away.
      At some point my parents started wrapping presents in different boxes with something added to make it feel or sound like something other than it was.
      I love the magic of Christmas and enjoy watching the smiles as packages are opened 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! We have such similar experiences sometimes — Yes, Jordache Barbie was one of my faves. So were Holiday Barbie and Malibu Skipper! Loved the tale of losing your Christmas Eve privilege. Opening one on Christmas Eve is a tradition for our family, too.
    I never did spy, I love the suspense 🙂
    When we were in middle and high school, my bestie would call me and tell me everything she was getting and I never understood it. What would she have to look forward to now? lol

    1. Thanks. There seems to be so many other options today, I guess that’s why Barbie isn’t on the top of all little girls’ lists. My daughter always preferred stuffed animals to barbies or dolls. 🙂

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