Time Travel Tuesday-On the cusp of 13

On the Cusp of 13.

Big hair, sunshine, and bubblegum pink lips!

Today, I travel back to being 13.  



Because this Friday, my youngest baby…my only girl, will turn 13.  

I will officially become the mother of all teenagers.

It feels like it is coming too fast.  

I’m sure it would be here much too soon even if life wasn’t racing along. The past week has seemed especially busy.  I haven’t had time to process this coming moment.  

I’m sure I’ll be talking about the magnitude of this milestone in future posts.

I look back and smile at my 13-year-old self. 

I loved to be in front of the camera.  

Now I prefer to be behind it.

My favorite outdoor backdrop on our property was this palm tree.  I’d dress up in different outfits and “model” while my mom took photos.

To look at this photo, it may seem I was unhappy, but there are others from that set, and I definitely was not.  The click of the camera just happened to be before I was ready.

The sun in my eyes and my smile on its way.  

I distinctly remember that being some good hair.

That was why I had my mom pull out the camera.

I didn’t, and don’t, do early mornings.

I did not give up sleep to fix my hair for school.  

Do you know how much teasing and hairspray went into getting my hair to look like that!  

This was on a weekend when time held no sway over my life.

This was back before I could take 100 photos and pick the best one.

Back when a selfie involved a mirror or hoping that you and your friend would actually get both your faces in the shot when you held the camera above your heads.

Back when I took my roll of film down to the local drugstore and waited days to see how those moments would turn out.

A moment captured at the beginning of my teenage years…

When the world was full of possibilities.

There were dreams to be pursued.  

A life well lived to chase.

People to meet.  

Memories to be made.

And I embark upon a circle of life moment when all of my children will have crossed this imaginary line into a new season.

Seeking their world of possibilities… their dreams…

Thanks for traveling back with me this week.  

I hope your days of being 13 bring back some fond memories.  

The teenage years were tough.

I try to remember the moments that were good!

I’m off to pursue dreams and make memories… but first…laundry.

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step – Lao Tzu

Let your light shine!


16 thoughts on “Time Travel Tuesday-On the cusp of 13

  1. It really is good 80s hair, and that lipstick was just right for the blondes, hm? I had frosted peach, myself.
    I still have some film to develop. I keep thinking about it, but I never manage to get it in the car…really need to do that before we get so old, we don’t know who the people in the 2007-2008 photos are!
    My youngest will be 13 this year, too. I’m very excited! Last time I was this excited, she’d hit double digits!
    I think my kids’ teenage years are better than my own so far. I should maybe ask my mother what SHE thinks! šŸ™‚

    1. I turned 13 in 1990, but we were still hanging on to the remnants of that 80’s hair. Sadly, it was over after that because by 10th grade my hair is flat….ohhh, but we moved to spiral perms!!
      I still have film to develop and some rolls unused. Some years back the youngest stumbled across one and asked what it was. I couldn’t help but laugh šŸ™‚
      I think my kids have better teen years as well!

  2. Nice photo of a lovely young girl with the whole world in front of her. šŸ™‚ Thirteen wasn’t one of my best memories but that’s okay because life’s a journey. Here’s hoping your baby girl has a wonderful journey as she goes through life and brings you a lot more joy as her mom. šŸ™‚

  3. Ah yes, I remember those days. I was born in 72 and the 80’s were a magical time for me full of color and fun and excitement. Thanks for stirring up some happy memories for me!

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