Time Travel Tuesday – The Christmas Nail


Most families have them.

Whether they show up in holidays, weddings, other celebration, or in the daily workings of life.

One of our family traditions was started when my children were very young.  In the process of adding ornaments to our Christmas tree, I stumbled across the Christmas Nail.  


Christmas Nail.

With Christmas being such a commercialized holiday, it was important for me to make sure that my children always remembered the reason that our family celebrated this holiday.

The Christmas Nail ornament is not meant to be seen by the company.  It is placed deep inside the tree on a branch strong enough to hold its weight.

In our home, this is the first ornament placed on the tree.  

It is the last ornament removed (I admit, every year, months later, I panic and think I may have forgotten to remove it from the hidden recesses in the haste of putting decorations away).  

We stop and talk about why we are placing it on the tree.

It is a reminder that we are celebrating the birth of Christ.  

And that his birth ultimately means his sacrifice.

As my children wait in eager anticipation of opening presents on Christmas morning, this ornament is a silent reminder of the reason we celebrate.  

I’m hoping that instilled deep into the hearts of my three teenagers is an understanding of unconditional love and sacrifice.

As I prepare my home for the Holiday, I leave you with one of my favorite Christmas songs.

Let your light shine!


*all photos are copyright of Amy Lyon Smith

18 thoughts on “Time Travel Tuesday – The Christmas Nail

  1. What a neat idea! My oldest is 14, and I still haven’t managed to come up with any tree-related traditions. Maybe this will (finally) be the year… 🙂

  2. What a lovely tradition and great lesson for your children. I’m sure they will carry the message in their hearts always.

    I love Pentatonix! I’ve been listening to their Christmas hymns for weeks now. This is one of my favs too.

    1. Pentatonix always does such an amazing job. I have so many favorite Christmas songs! My mom always sang “Little Drummer Boy” when we were kids and I found that by them. Really, they are all wonderful! 🙂

      1. Another favorite of mine! Actually there’s not much in the way of Carols I don’t love. 🙂

        I’ve been listening to them all month. Some oldies, kids, new age like the Pentatonix’s and Mannheim Steamroller orchestrated carols.

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