See the Light

Instead of my normal Wordless Wednesday photo, I’m going a little wordier.

A little more Wednesday Wisdom. 

Mostly because I’m hoping for some feedback. I enjoy putting quotes on my photos that I then typically post on my various social media accounts. I’m curious if any of you have an app that you use for this purpose that you absolutely love.

The one above was created on Wordswag and is a photo taken with my Iphone 5S. The app has many great fonts, but I’m also seeking  a modern calligraphy font.

Some of you may use a program on your computer. I’d love to hear about those also. I’m babying my laptop along while I ponder what I need for its replacement.

I am still very much a novice at all this:

Blogging, photography, editing said photography, figuring out what the best approach is if I want to print it out for my wall instead of a thumbnail on social media, will my entry-level DSLR do all that I want it to, and so on.

So if you have any apps, programs, tips, or general knowledge that you’d like to add in the comments – know that they are GREATLY appreciated!

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Hope your day is awesome!

Let your light shine!







20 thoughts on “See the Light

      1. The irony is, I tried to download it when I got the fast wifi connection and it turned out to be incompatible to my device. Sigh!

  1. I really really love this one. The font is great, love the photo and quote. I am still learning about all of this too. I only just worked out that there are websites available that do this. lol…I was trying it all on publisher.. I found one website called but have only just started to try and work it all out 🙂

  2. Like Nikki I use Photoimapct by Ulead (it was sold to Corel and is now called Photoimpact X3) for putting words and graphics on pictures. To actually edit the photos there are several very powerful and free alternatives to Adobe Lightroom. I like Photoscape for quick editing, and Lightzone for more complex projects. You can also expand the fonts available to your computer at a website called DaFont. Your photos range from great to amazing so I’d say your camera is more than adequate for taking wall art quality photos. Hope this was helpful.

  3. You can pretty much post a question regarding photographing on the youtube, you can get some great online demo. e.g. how to take photos of flowers, macro, portait, etc.

  4. I’ve been using the last couple years. I like the webb app “express” – it’s free. I’m usually resizing a photo from my camera, sometimes cropping it (I have iPhoto on my computer for this), and adding some text for my blog posts and my Etsy site. It has lots of font styles to choose from. It’s quick.
    Lovely photo, by the way, and a wonderful quote.

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