Friday Faves Edition 68

Friday Faves. Edition 68. It's been forever since I've been here with a Friday Faves. However, we are quickly approaching the end of 2018, so I wanted to pop in with one last round of Faves. (psst...I am Amazon affiliate, which means that there could be product links in this post which will earn me [...]

Halloween, Hauntings, and the Death at Yosemite

Halloween, Hauntings, and the Death at Yosemite

    Halloween. I don't need to tell you that today is Halloween. Most of you already know. Often that brings an evening that's often filled with both screeches of delight and horror. It's a time when we love to scare ourselves. Hauntings. We tell scary stories of ghosts that rise up from graves and boogeymen [...]

Friday Faves Edition 56

Friday. Who's excited that it's Friday?! I think that I am, but the snowstorm heading our way is threatening to make for a cabin fever weekend...and dare I say...create issues next week. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't dump as much as the possible forecast! This girl has a hair appointment and her roots [...]