Friday Faves Edition 56


Who’s excited that it’s Friday?! I think that I am, but the snowstorm heading our way is threatening to make for a cabin fever weekend…and dare I say…create issues next week.

Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t dump as much as the possible forecast! This girl has a hair appointment and her roots are looking CRA-ZY! I pushed out my appointment longer than normal because I have a work party to attend with the hubby on St. Patrick’s Day. Which reminds me…I haven’t found an outfit for that.

BUT…I’m getting ahead of myself.

Friday Faves.

I’m rounding up the Friday Faves for the week. I had a jam-packed week with appointments for teens and dogs, but I still found some downtime and some lighthearted moments.

Star Trail.

In Edition 54 of Friday Faves, I shared that the hubby and I hiked the Star Trail here in Roanoke. We had another sunny day over the weekend and decided to hike it again.

This time I brought along my camera. I’m still sifting through the photos to decide if I will make a separate post about it (I did. It’s here – Hiking Mill Mountain Star Trail). While I find the trail to still be nice in the winter, I’m not sure that translates in my photographs. However, some of the smaller bushes were sprouting green that had not been there in the two weeks prior! I’m hoping this snowstorm doesn’t crush their spirits.

Protein Powder.

I mentioned before that I was looking for a new protein powder. I didn’t want rice protein because I felt like I was having a slight allergy to something in it. The blend that I picked up had stevia. I don’t like the taste of stevia.

The hubby and I went to Target for the exciting task of finding replacement shoelaces for his work shoes. Now. Now. Don’t be jealous of my glamorous life. I decided to pop over to the protein powder section to see if they had anything different. I perused the shelves and saw ones that I had seen elsewhere.

Then I looked to the top shelf and what should catch me… NO STEVIA… right on the front. It appears that they are using monk fruit extract in that “sweetener” place. I’ve only made two smoothies so far, but have had no reactions and no strange taste, so I may have found a keeper.

Fashion Magazine.

I told you that I found many moments of lightheartedness and humor, so that was what I chose to focus on over the ups and downs of the week. A bunch of people were posting these on Facebook, so I thought I’d play with it. I sat there and put about 10 photos through, mostly because I wanted to see if it ever change the makeup color. The lipstick…yes, the eyeshadow… no.

Now if only a makeup artist would come to do my makeup every day.

I should add…for free…because that service isn’t in my budget.


I am still counting down the days to Aruba.

Three weeks!

When Miss Sunshine and I went shopping, she found a bathing suit at Hollister. She also found one she liked at Target, but they were out of her size. We decided to order it. Of course, I added some pieces for me! I had already rounded up the bottoms and so I ordered two tops. I mentioned that this line at Target, Sun & Shore, sells tops according to bra size. As is the case in almost all clothing, one of the tops didn’t run true to size so sadly it had to be returned.

But the one in the photo fits. I also have a standard J. Crew triangle top that I shared in this post last summer. I was hoping that I would have one top that used hooks instead of ties, but it is what it is.

I don’t always link things, but you can find the above top here. The bottoms can be found here.

If you were curious about the bathing suit in last week’s post, you can find that here. The bottoms are the same as above, just a different print.


On Monday, I shared the lessons that I learned from the Reading Challenge.

Everyone had a lot of great comments.

This is the text exchange with the hubby on Tuesday. It’s hilarious to read in whole, but it was even funnier as it was happening. He had an early meeting that day, so he leaves as I’m stumbling for my first cup of coffee and the teens aren’t out of bed yet. This is the first I’ve heard from him other than a short phone exchange right before he gets to the office.

I’ve just sat down to check my emails when this text comes in. I know he’s just come out of his meeting, so I’m literally trying to wrap my mind around what he’s talking about. Notice the word “read” isn’t in there, so there’s not even that context clue. I’m wondering if this text is really for me. I’m sure the phone has changed the word, but I thought maybe he meant something else to a coworker or is having a text exchange with our sons.


It’s for me.

And then it makes sense. So thank you, Jonathan for that comment.

What ensued next was hilarity. Because then Julie over at Empty Nest Adventures comments on Jonathan’s comment that she had actually written about her recent adventure with Moby Dick. I pop over to check it out, and I’m dying in another round of laughter. If your curious, you can find her post here.


If all of that was a little too juvenile of humor for you, I offer the space I go to when I’m in the mood for silliness. I don’t use Snapchat, but I do enjoy their filters. Sometimes, I save them and share them on my Instagram Stories.


Speaking of Instagram Stories, I’ve recently tried to become more active on them. Yesterday, I was in a chatty mood and was in front of the camera for a change. I think it was about releasing the inner tension that being vulnerable in yesterday’s post caused.

While I am very honest, I am also reserved about parts of my story. I know it was a longer than normal read (and I cut out parts because I knew it was so long), so thank you for taking the time to read it.


On a lighter note, if you missed my Wordless Wednesday post, it’s sure to bring a smile…or a “wolf-ish” grin.


If you’re wondering how March’s 30 day challenge is going, I’ve managed to accomplish my goals each day so far. Today’s plank will be 90 seconds! I’m still doing some pacing to get 10,000 steps on standard days. However, on the day of our hike, my Fitbit called me an overachiever because I was well over. I’ll take the compliment because it’s an effort on the other days!

If you’ve been joining in on either part of the challenge, let me know how it’s going for you.


This week I tried to make a concentrated effort to find a “new to me” song to share. The one recommended on YouTube struck my eye because it was from a soundtrack to a movie called 2:22. I hadn’t heard of the movie. Have you seen it?

Why it struck me was because 222 is meaningful to me. I know some people aren’t into numerology, or synchronicity, or whatever, but that number (as well as others) shows up quite a bit throughout my days.

It is also Big Mr.’s birthday. I was 22 when he was born on 2 – 22 – 2000, which was also a “Tue”sday. And on 2-22, in the year 2022, he will turn 22.

So, all that to say, the name struck my eye.

The song is by Vancouver Sleep Clinic who originates out of Brisbane, Australia.

I hope that you all have a beautiful weekend! Spread your bright-shining smile. It’s one of the most contagious things out there.

ee Cummings quote To be nobody but yourself in a world that's doing its best, night and day, to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle which any human can fight; and never stop fighting.

Let your light shine!


27 thoughts on “Friday Faves Edition 56

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked the video and song. I love finding “new” music.

      I hope you have fabulous day and weekend as well!! <3

  1. Great post, super fun. And, may I just say, I think your “before” photo was much prettier than your “after” magazine shot 💕

    1. Thanks DeeDee! You are too sweet! I think I was most envious of the eyelashes in the “after”, but there’s tools for that 😉

    1. I added Snapchat because the girlie and I used to send silly pics to each other during the hotel room downtime during soccer tournaments. Now I just play with them when I need a good laugh! 🙂

      I hope you have a great weekend as well!!

  2. As usual, I so enjoyed your summary. And a couple of insights as well. 1) we are NEVER too old for silly jokes. If people don’t appreciate them, then they are old. 2} The week ended pretty miserably. It is awesome how this blog is capable of changing perspectives. And none more than my response to this weeks WPC. 3) I had to give up snap chat. While I really enjoyed the snapping back and forth, they change the program so many times, it just is not worth the time. However, I do check those filters and on very few times I look at a story. Personally facebook and twitter do what I need them to, and I love my Pinterest page. And last, as I mentioned on Friday Fave #54, “Game ON” and I am proud to say no problem with 10k steps but the planking needs work. Up to 30 seconds. who knew it would be tough. The bathing suit is an excellent choice and I am really jealous about Aruba. Have a great weekend and rest of your week! (I almost write more on your comments than on my own blog ;-p

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the summary! I’m sorry to hear that the week ended miserably. I hope that it gets better! It is amazing the things that can change our perspective if we take the time to notice our surroundings.
      I don’t snapchat anyone, I just enjoy the filters for a good laugh.
      That’s so awesome that you’ve had no problem with 10k steps. Getting up to 30 seconds on a plank is wonderful. There are many websites that say you don’t need to hold it for any longer than that to get its full core advantage. At this point, I refuse to allow myself to believe I won’t achieve that challenge, but it is beginning to prove to be hard and the question of whether I’ll make it sneaks in on occasion. 🙂
      I hope you have a great weekend and rest of your week as well!!

      1. Yes but I am too stubborn to stop at 30 🙂 especially the older I get. I told my kids Hugh Grant is 3 days younger than me. If he can look like that who says I can’t. Lol. Thank you for the genuine response. It really is kind of powerful when it comes from someone you know just through a blog, right. I’m sure I will message next Friday! I don’t know why but it is therapeutic reading and responding. Plus it is so eerily similar to my experiences. Of course, I don’t wear those swim suits lol!

  3. I will admit that your reply comment “I haven’t attempted Moby Dick” made me laugh too, but that’s because I have the sense of humour of a 13 year old boy lol

    1. Who knew that so much humor could be found in a book so many people say is a torturous read. lol.

    1. Thanks Marcus! The snow delayed itself getting here. It started about 4am this morning. School has been cancelled. It’s supposed to come down most of the day, but it isn’t sticking to the roads so far. I’ll take some of that Oregon sunshine!! 😉

  4. Great ending quote. I hope you’re not fighting too much these days, doesn’t sound like it here.
    No you dick is a lot different than Moby Dick — for one, it made me lol 🙂

    1. I love that quote. I feel like I have to fight that battle less and less. I thought it was hilarious that Moby Dick could bring so much humor to my day. 🙂

  5. Loved your Friday post! I tried that magazine cover on Facebook too my friend had tried it and told me to try it damn wish I could find some make up artist too lol I love lipstick and the color was perfect . You look like a movie star.

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