Mornings At The Ocean

Mornings at the Ocean. Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Mornings at the Ocean.

I am not a morning person.

Let’s just start with that.

But something changes when I’m at the beach.

I don’t know if it’s because my time there is limited and I want to soak it all in.

Or if it’s because the light angles in through the windows just right to wake me up.

However, I do know that when the sky begins its early morning glow, I wake up.

And I have a choice to make.

Toss and turn in the cozy bed.

Or watch the world come awake.

I opt to watch the world come awake.

But not in the place where we are staying.

Everyone still there is sleeping soundly.

Teenagers….husband….all still dreaming.

One of our favorite beaches since moving to Virginia is Carolina Beach, North Carolina.  The way the waves break offers surfing (my family surfs small waves-I surf the itty bitty ones) and riding boogie boards (my personal favorite).  It has a boardwalk.  The town offers music, movies, fireworks, and more on different nights over the summer.  There is a skate park.  The people are friendly.

We’ve been a handful of times now and I try to rent a beachfront condo. I am not one of those people who plan a year in advance (or 6 months…probably not even 3 months) so we usually have limited options.

But I did find one that we rented for a week this summer.

Each morning I crawl out of bed and I walk down to the shore.

Pre-coffee (gasp!)!!

I feel the sand between my toes.

It’s soft, and my feet sink down as I walk.

I breathe in the air and can sometimes taste the salt on my lips.

The breeze is just enough to keep you cool, blowing my hair away from my neck.

I walk to where the sand becomes compact, hardened by the water that earlier had hidden its existence.

I look for seashells as I stroll along the water’s edge.

If I’m extra lucky, I may find a piece of sea glass which has had its jagged sides made smooth by the tossing and turning of its time in the ocean.

I feel like these are treasures left just for me to find as I walk and talk with God.

I pause to watch the sun begin to peer over the horizon.

Standing there, I let the water roll over my toes.

It races in and then it rolls back into the depths.

The water stretches farther than the eye can see.

I know that it has ended.

But it feels infinite.

On this morning, I roll the sea glass around my fingertips.

I think about the tossing and turning and the fighting of the waves that have crashed into my life over the years.

How they have molded me.

How they have worn down the rough edges.

And how they have made me a seeker of peace and contentment.

I smile at the dawning of a new day.

A chance to make better choices than the day before.

There is a chance to smile more and frown less.

And also a chance for laughter instead of tears.

I breathe it in and let it permeate my entire being.

And morning begins.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. – Ecclesiastes 3:11

Let your light shine!




28 thoughts on “Mornings At The Ocean

  1. Well that was just lovely. I particularly enjoyed this piece, especially smoothing the rough edges. I hate to say it, but whenever we do the cottage getaway, I find I wake up much, much earlier — so there is something to that. Not a morning person, not a beach person, but the seaside has its benefits, fersure 🙂

  2. Loved this today and the photos! I, too, am an early riser when at the beach. There is something special in watching the sun rise over the ocean with the sound of the waves all around. Very peaceful and soothing. I think a trip to Carolina Beach is in our future after reading your blog!

    1. Thank you 🙂 We stumbled upon Carolina Beach when trying to find one nearby. We still think we may explore some others because we’ve not visited many North or South Carolina beaches, but we really enjoy it there. I love a beach sunrise!

  3. Wonderful description of time at the beach, but then I’m partial to the beach. I’m surprised I haven’t taken a face plant because I walk along always looking down for treasures that have washed up. I have a large glass container of shells from various trips that I keep out so I can see them on a daily basis. 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’ve amassed quite a collection of shells over the years and have them out in various places around the house. It’s like always having a little bit of home in the mountains!

  4. Lovely post. You gave me a beautiful tranquil moment at the beach even though I’m actually listening to the road outside being excavated and the noise is unbearable! Thank you!

    1. Thank you. 🙂 The beach is about the only place that I’m a morning person, but the sounds, smells, and sights there make it worthwhile to be one during that time!

  5. You always have such gorgeous photos, and what a lovely description of your morning.

    I am also not a morning person, but when I manage to drag my butt out of bed, I always enjoy watching the world wake up. And my favorite, too, is at the beach. It’s funny. I’m not a swimmer–I don’t like being IN the water–but I love being near the water–on a boat, walking on a shore, listening to the waves, watching the sun rise or set over the horizon.

  6. Thank you 🙂
    My kids were commenting that this is the most time I’ve spent actually “in” the water ever. I’m from the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida where the water is much warmer. And I’m not a strong swimmer (which is why my kids were in lessons at 6 months old). Plus, I get really nervous about what may be “lurking” below me. But I enjoy all those things you mentioned so much!

  7. Lovely post 🙂 I can identify with this as I’m not naturally a morning person but there is something magical in seeing the morning unfolding and as you put it – seeing the world come awake 🙂

  8. Gorgeous morning! I love the early morning when no one is up or around except the birds, and other wildlife.

    The shells you collected are wonderful! I never see those with the long tails here on the west coast.

    1. Mornings alone with nature is wonderful.
      The whelks are my favorite shell. I don’t come across them often, either because they are quickly scooped up or broken.
      I’ve collected the few I have over many years from many beaches 🙂

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