Independence Day

Celebrating Independence Day Southport, North Carolina


Independence Day.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. -Thomas Jefferson

Today is the day that the United States celebrates its Independence.

Independence that would set in motion freedoms that I would take for granted when I was born a little over 200 years later.

When I think of celebrating the Fourth of July, often what comes to mind are the parades. And of family and friends gathering to enjoy an outdoor celebration filled with barbecued foods and the sweet taste of watermelon. Also the culmination of the evening fireworks.

Plus we can’t forget the Red, White, and Blue.


This year I will be spending the Fourth at my home in Roanoke, Virginia tending to our new puppy.

But if I had to guess where one of the places is that will be in full celebration mode…

I would say…


Southport, North Carolina.

Southport is located on the northwest bank of the Cape Fear River.

It has such an idyllic vibe as you stroll along its streets.

Almost as though you are walking along a quintessential southern coastal town.

Like one that you might see in a movie.

Well if you were thinking that… you’d be right.

Numerous series and movies have been filmed here.

Dawson’s Creek anyone?!

Or fans of Nicholas Sparks? A Walk to Remember. Nights in Rodanthe. Safe Haven.

I shared a few other names that were filmed here in this post that I shared last year for Thursday Doors.


When we vacation in Carolina Beach, we take the ferry across from Ft. Fisher to Southport.

I love to stroll along and admire the historic homes.  These photos were captured from our visit last year. This year, I just admired and enjoyed the gentle breeze that was absent on my visit the year before.

Located at 114 Moore Street, the Julius Newton House, circa 1886, was built for a Cape Fear River boat pilot.


Red, White, and Blue.

Many places display an American flag.

And this year as we strolled along, there was even more red, white, and blue displayed.

That’s because Southport is expecting nearly 50,000 visitors to celebrate the Fourth of July in their town.

In fact, yesterday Coastal Living announced that Southport is considered the Best Seaside Town for celebrating July 4th.


If you are celebrating the 4th today, I wish you a joyous day filled with good weather and lots of laughter.

To all my other readers, I hope your day is just as amazing!!


As for me, I will spend today practicing gratitude.

Thankful for being born into a time and place where I have independence.

Thankful that with each change, transition, and passing of time… I can embrace this truth:

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will. -Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre


Let your light shine!











21 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. I’ve been out that way twice and I concur, it is BEAUTIFUL! When I was younger, I’da said somethin like, “Let’s live there.” Now I say things like, “Let’s visit in the middle of winter!” 😀
    Beautiful photos, Amy. So Americana.

    1. Thanks Joey. I still say “let’s live here”, but I’m content if it happens years from now 🙂 Actually, I completely see the appeal of being a snowbird…the beauty of the north in the summer and the beauty of the south in the winter! I did think Southport was so Americana. 🙂

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