Oh My! We’ve Grown…


Oh My! We’ve Grown…


I don’t mean that I’ve grown from all the sweets and cocktails that I had while at the beach.

Actually… paired with all the lounging around that I did, I might have.

I’m still playing catch up on emails…so thanks for bearing with my slow responses!

But the truth is…

I’ve been keeping a little secret.

Mostly because I’m a “don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched” kinda gal.

But our family has grown.


Meet Maverick.

The goldendoodle who moved into his new home with us on July 1st.

The girlie chose his name and named him after the Maverick’s surf break in California.

She is a big lover of surfing.


And a lover of dogs.

She had already been asking to add to our family prior to loss of our yorkiepoo, Kiwi. 

And she had it in mind that we should add a larger dog. We had lost our Golden Retriever, Nikki, to cancer in 2015.

So she did lots of homework on dog breeds and had her heart set on a Goldendoodle. While they aren’t technically hypoallergenic, they do have a tendency to shed a little less than a Golden Retriever. All that fur shedding was a nemesis of mine that I didn’t want to reintroduce into my home. Plus, one of my children does have allergies that flare when visiting the homes of friends who have cats and/or dogs.

I was not on the addition of a dog bandwagon.

They require me planning trips, outings, etc.. around them even more so than my teenagers require. But I knew when we suddenly lost Kiwi that the girlie would not want to be dogless all the way until college (she’s heading into 8th grade in the fall).

So I conceded to the fact that we would be adding to our family. I received pictures of every, single one she found while I was in Scotland.

But the original plan was to add to the family in August. That way I would commit to being home and she would still be out of school and able to deal with middle of the night awakenings and bathroom needs.

You know what they say about the best-laid plans…

Here was the dog we’d been looking for and we didn’t have to drive six hours to bring him home.

And yes, he does have his own Instagram, maintained by the girlie.


During quite a bit of my lounging on the beach, I practiced mindfulness.

I focused on my breathing while the waves crashed and the sea breeze fluttered across my face.

I breathed deeply and slowly.

I practiced staying in that moment.

I practiced calming myself. Reducing my tendencies toward stress and anxiety.

I prepared for the moment that we would bring another living creature into our home.

And now I put that mindfulness into practice.

When he tries to get into things he shouldn’t

Or chew on something not allowed.

Or during those moments when I find myself back to the sleepless nights of early motherhood.


But he’s worth it!

Oh My! We've Grown! puppy addition


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26 thoughts on “Oh My! We’ve Grown…

    1. His face is an attention getter! I think that’s why we all fell in love. And now that he’s feeling more settled and just comes and flop on us, it’s too cute. 🙂

  1. Oh he is a beautiful dog! I am also allergic to cats and a little allergic to dogs…maybe this is a breed of dog i could consider in the future.
    Enjoy your time with your new family member!
    – Carly

    1. Thank you Carly. I’m hoping that he doesn’t cause to many allergies. Our yorkiepoo was even better allergies since neither yorkies or poodles shed. But that is a much smaller dog. 🙂 -Amy

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