Thursday Doors – Captain Newton’s Inn

Last week we had an amazing time filled with relaxation down in Carolina Beach, NC. One of the excursions that I’ve been wanting to take is the ferry ride from Ft. Fisher over to Southport.

We were also checking out Oak Island, so it was more of a scouting excursion to see what places we might like to visit again in the future.

Southport is located on the Cape Fear River and the Intracoastal Waterway along the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s nestled amongst the salt marshes, which my husband and I happen to love. It was originally incorporated in 1792 and named Smithville and changed its name to Southport in 1887.  It has a beautiful  historic district and lots of large live oak trees.  There have been many movies, documentaries, and tv series that have been filmed here.

A few that you may recognize which were listed in the brochure that I picked up are:

Dawson’s Creek


I Know What You Did Last Summer

A Walk To Remember

The Secret Life of Bees

And most recently: Safe Haven.


We didn’t have time for me to walk around and see all the homes.  Keeping three teens entertained and hydrated in sweltering (and I mean oppressively hot!) heat was not an easy feat.  We did walk along some of the historic area under the shade of the oak trees.  I was taking photos of the beautiful historic homes along the way when my husband pointed out that this one was a bed and breakfast.

The historic plaque states that the home was settled in 1886.  I read on the Inn’s website that it was one of the original 100 lots laid out by the city founders.  It was built by Captain Walker Newton, who was a renowned river pilot of the time.

I imagine over the 130 years of sweltering summers that there have been many sweet teas sipped and stories swapped while sitting in the shade of that front porch.

I later learned that there was a Marsh Walk where we could have walked along a boardwalk right through a salt marsh.  We will definitely be visiting Southport again in our future beach trips.

This is part of Thursday Doors, hosted each week by Norm 2.0.  You can see more doors here.



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25 thoughts on “Thursday Doors – Captain Newton’s Inn

  1. Thank you for your “like:)” But I love comments, so I hope you do next time:):)I remember seeing a house like this when we were still living in Southern California (now I live in N. CA) – beautiful details,, such as the sculpted paneling and so well taken care of! A real treasure!

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  2. I have trouble enjoying myself in sweltering heat. That is not a happy time to be on vacation with a couple of teenagers. I applaud your bravery 😉

    However, I could happily enjoy sitting in the shade of a lovely veranda sipping an icy cold beverage.

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    • I knew quite a bit of filming had happened in Wilmington for Dawson’s Creek because there is a studio there, but didn’t realize the amount set in Southport. The town truly does remind me of the setting for a Nicholas Sparks novel or movie 🙂

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  3. Awesome find! We just got back from a few days roaming the countryside in smaller towns with lots of gorgeous old places like this. I love it all – especially when someone takes over these beautiful old homes and keeps them maintained and functional for others to enjoy like a B & B or a country Inn. Except for the oppressive heat, this is my favorite time of year.

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