Hello? It’s me…

Sand Dunes of Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Bedlam and Daisies.

The Beginnings.

Maybe you’ve stumbled upon me, or perhaps you’ve intentionally sought me out.  In either case, an introduction is a good place to start.


If you haven’t checked out my about section, my name is Amy.  I am a wife, a mother, and a seeker of peace.

I have been a wife for 17 years and a mother for 16 years.  If you count the nine months of pregnancy, they meet a month into my marriage.  I added a second son 18 months later and a daughter 26 months after that.  To say I was knee-deep in infants and toddlers is an understatement! I became a stay at home mom from the birth of the oldest and wholeheartedly gave my best.  Now, with two teens and a 12-year-old, I am in a new phase.

Bedlam and Daisies has been birthed out of that new phase.

I recently had a conversation with one of my best friends about this new phase where she and I find ourselves.  Our children don’t require the same all-consuming care and we find ourselves searching, questioning, and discovering what we’d like to do for ourselves.  I think many women may find themselves on this journey.

This is my search to find what I enjoy and what I discover to be important to me.

To find myself.

We can’t always know where we are going without knowing where we’ve been. I’m sure there will be searching and learning as well as reflection.  I’m sure this blog will evolve, just as I am evolving daily.

With this new year, I am creating a new beginning and stepping out of my comfort zone to seek that which calls to my soul.

I’m so happy that you’ve decided to come along on the journey with me.

Let your light shine!


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