Capturing the beauty that the eye beholds


I have always loved photography. I love that it captures a glimpse into a moment in time. It can evoke feelings, memories, and beauty that can take your breath away. I love taking photographs. I do not know composition, lighting, and all the wonderful, knowledgeable things that a true photographer learns and depicts in their work. I just know what shots make me happy and that I enjoy taking them.
When I was a tween and dreamed big dreams, I thought that maybe I could become the next Ansel Adams. The way that he captured nature is stunning. In high school I liked to capture people going about their daily business. Fast forward to motherhood and who doesn’t love taking pictures of their newfound joy.
I really wanted to learn how to use a manual camera. My husband and I gave ourselves “allowances” back then to spend each week. I saved up and bought a Nikon FM10. I was teaching myself to use it and had even found a black and white darkroom setup at a garage sale. Before it was set up I got pregnant with my second child. I wasn’t going to get near chemicals and life was so full that I sold the darkroom equipment. I, of course, continued taking pictures over the years.

Last year, all of my children were going to be playing sports and I wanted to capture the action. I have a hard time justifying expensive purchases for myself. When my grandmother passed away the year before, there was an inheritance left for her four children. She was not rich by any means, and the fact that there was anything is a testament to her simplicity and contentment in life. I received some of that money from my mother to be spent in a way that was meaningful. I chose to buy a Nikon D3200. It has been one of my favorite purchases. My goal this year is to actually pull out the manual and learn new things about how to use it and to be able to capture with that camera the beauty that my eye beholds. I know my grandmother would admire the fact that this is my year to continue to become a strong woman by pushing my comfort zones.

summer and grandma (2)
My daughter and my Grandma Reva in 2011

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