Tuesday Truth #23

Tuesday Truth #23

Tuesday Truth. Number 23. I'm still steadily heading through February's photo challenge. I came across this quote and thought it would be perfect to share here. I think that sometimes we forget that there is just as many hidden treasures, sweet surprises, and outright delights along our journey. Often we get so focused on the [...]

My 20 or so minutes at the gym

My bodyflow class doesn’t exist on Friday mornings. Monday through Thursday I show up at 10:30, spend some time on my mat and then experience the bliss of savasana (ok, most days it’s bliss, other days my mind just won’t shut up or my sinuses are draining and I have to continually come back to [...]

Hello? It’s me…

Hello?  It’s me…

Bedlam and Daisies. The Beginnings. Maybe you've stumbled upon me, or perhaps you've intentionally sought me out.  In either case, an introduction is a good place to start. About. If you haven't checked out my about section, my name is Amy.  I am a wife, a mother, and a seeker of peace. I have been [...]