Friday Faves – Edition 41



It really doesn’t feel like Friday. When there’s a disruption to the school/work routine, it throws things off. Tuesday felt more like Friday because everyone took Wednesday off.

Monday was really my only day that stayed on schedule. Tuesday I had a kid that needed to leave school early because they didn’t feel well. It was one of those situations where you need to decide whether it’s a doctor visit worthy sick. That took the mental energy I had reserved for other things. Wednesday was the day Big Mr. had his wisdom teeth removed. He’s doing remarkably well.

There has been a palpable shift to the weather here in Virginia. The winds have blown steadily through many nights and along with the cold, they have taken most of the leaves.


Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving.

A time to gather with our Virginia family and eat tasty food while enjoying laughter and nice conversations.

A time of thanks for the many blessings we have in our lives.

Moments to pause in gratitude for all that which I so often take for granted.

Making Recipes.

I’ve been continuing with my November Challenge of making a recipe a day. Quite often there are smoothies because they are easy ways to pack in nutrition. And let’s be honest, a new recipe a day for an entire month was a very ambitious challenge. I was making pies on Wednesday. Since they aren’t new recipes they didn’t even count! But I still managed to make a new recipe and a new one on Thursday as well! Stay tuned next week for how they all turned out.

Stainless Steel Straws.

I decided to finally put my money where my mouth is. I substantially reduced my plastic straw usage during my September ChallengeSaying no to a straw is easy enough when we go to a restaurant, but occasionally I end up with a drink from a drive-thru (mostly when we are traveling for soccer). I wanted straws that could also be used for smoothies so I ended up with these stainless steel straws. I’ve only had a chance to use them once, but I think there’s potential.


I am still continuing with my October Challenge, 53 days and counting. Even though I do specifically set aside time for a quiet music or guided meditation, I still find moments of peace, gratitude, and calm in my walks amongst nature.

There are trees that maintain their green…

And ones that are still boldly announcing their presence.

I breathe deeply in these moments that the sun is still shining brightly.

I place these moments into little pockets in my memory so that I can draw upon them as the days turn colder and grayer.

I seek the beauty.

Even as the colors fade there will always be a trace of beauty waiting to be found.

And I will be the seeker.


The band I’m sharing this week was mentioned on a post by a blogger that I stumbled upon. Actually, she stumbled upon me and when I visited her page I found this post. Since I am a lover of music, I had to check the band out. Of course, when I mentioned it to the 17-year old, he was like “Oh yeah, I used to listen to them”. I’m guessing it was around the same time that he listened to Tame Impala daily. This band is Beach House. They are from Baltimore, Maryland and formed in 2004.

I hope that you’ve all had a beautiful week and that as you go into the weekend, you seek all the beauty that surrounds you.

When life seems overwhelming...pure bedlam...find a quiet place, close your eyes...and just breathe. -Amy Lyon Smith quote


Let your light shine!


9 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Edition 41

  1. I’m still committing atrocious straw crimes, Amy. Reusing, but still.
    I bought my pies this year and I’m happy I did. Yesterday was a whirlwind even though I did so much on Wednesday!
    Like you, my days are messed-up. I feel like it’s Monday because The Mister went to work and Sassy went to practice. But it’s not. It’s Friday, how ODD.

    1. I’m still committing plenty of plastic crimes…usually of the sandwich baggie sort. But…baby steps 🙂
      I made a pumpkin pie and the others are pudding pies which are super easy. Any other kind and I probably would have bought it!
      Everbody has been home since Wednesday! Tomorrow we return to some normalcy (as normal as life can ever be)

      1. I prefer pudding pies, I really do. Key lime, coconut cream, sugar cream, lemon meringue — even some chocolate silk on occasion 😛
        They tell me tomorrow is Monday? Hah. Life returns to normal for a few weeks.

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