Tuesday Truth #67

Tuesday Truth.

Number 67.

Well hello there!!

If I haven’t already seen you in my first post of 2021, Five Years of Blogging, let me just say… Happy New Year!

I considered recycling the Tuesday Truth I shared at the beginning of 2019, Tuesday Truth #16, because I love that one so much. However, there are so many awesome quotes out there that I sought out this little piece of magic. But do be sure to check out that Truth #16…truths always stand the test of time.

While I don’t set resolutions, I do choose a word for the year (if you missed it, mine for 2021 is Nourish). That word helps me to focus on my intentions for the year.

It brings me back into alignment.

It challenges me to be introspective about my motivations.

It asks me if I am living fully.

It reminds me that I have just this one life.

And it nudges me in the direction chasing those wild dreams.

Do you set resolutions? Goals? Challenges? Intentions?

Are you chasing any wild dreams?

Okay, they don’t have to be wild! But are you chasing any dreams? Trying something new?

While I consider myself a storyteller, I’m also a pretty amazing storylistener.

Come tell your story in the chat below.

Let your light shine!


9 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #67

  1. I am chasing a few dreams this year. My word of the year is simplify, so in some ways my dreams are manifestations of that concept. I suppose eventually I’ll write about what I’m up to, but for the moment my dreams are secret [which makes them sound much more dynamic than they are].

  2. I am always chasing dreams. This year the dream Is 500 followers and a book Like you I don’t do resolutions, I just look for new ways to laugh. My only goal is to see everyone I meet smile and if i helped make that happen then I have made the world a better place.

    Laughter may not be the best medicine, but it’s easiest to take

    1. Best of luck in chasing your dreams this year!! πŸ™‚ Thank you for helping to make the world a better places. Smiles soothe the soul…both receiving them and by offering them.

  3. Amy, Your wisdom shines again β€œ…truths always stand the test of time.” I love your word β€œNourish” and its many layers. I do feel a fresh, new year is upon us with many possibilities. Thank you for all of your wonderful, heartfelt reminders! ❀️

  4. I won’t speak on anyone else’s behalf, but I think it’s because I am tired? I may even be tired from all the years I did run around like I was on fire πŸ˜›
    I aim to return to the blogosphere on the regular. I’m getting closer to normal, I can feel it πŸ™‚

    1. I’m with you on the tired. I don’t think mine is from years of running around like I was on fire. lol. I think I’m just mentally drained from the past year. I’m sure many of us are. I can’t wait until you return to the blogosphere on the regular. You are missed! I’m hoping to write a little more often this year..and take more photos. I’m not there yet, but like you, I’m getting closer. πŸ™‚

      1. I hope you will write more, and that I will write more and we’ll read one another and we’ll be better versions of ourselves having transitioned, AGAIN.

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