Tuesday Truth #54

Tuesday Truth.

Number 54.

Tomorrow will begin the New Year.


An entirely new decade!

Like many other people, I’m spending some time doing a year-end review. I think we often forget all the things that we actually accomplished in a year and it’s helpful to spend some time reflecting.

This year I’m doing a decade in review. I’m following the process shared by Marie Forleo in this blog post.

Today’s Truth is a quote she shared in the post. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it would be the perfect quote to share with you all as my final Tuesday Truth of the year.

It truly is amazing how much happens when we look at a broader swath of time. And the truth is, some things take time. In fact, most good things do.

Today, I will be finishing up the process and considering my goals for the next year and the next decade. You can read here about why I set goals instead of resolutions…and the difference between the two.

I’ll be sharing some of my goals as we go through January. However, I can tell you that one will be spending the month of January as a vegetarian. I have done this for the past two years. In 2017, I learned lessons that I will be applying. Last year, I actually participated in Veganuary and was vegan for the month. It was a bit too intense for me although I hear the health benefits are amazing.

I’ve started saving recipes on Pinterest! I’m thinking of leaning heavily towards Buddha Bowls this time.

Do you have any favorite vegetarian recipes?

Have you set any goals for 2020 and beyond?

Oh! And in case you missed my post yesterday, I shared the Top 10 posts of 2019.

I hope you all have a beautiful day! Enjoy the New Year and I’ll see you in 2020.

Let your light shine!


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #54

  1. Happy New Year!
    I always enjoy reading about what you learn from your trial periods.
    I cook a lot of vegetarian food and even more that’s meat-light. I make this kale and chard salad that seems to be a big hit and I share the recipe often
    https://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/lemony-kale-salad — but I add croutons and I use chia seeds cause they actually stick to the salad instead of being in the bottom of the bowl.
    Also, roasted root vegetables grilled and placed in a pita with an assortment of herbed cheeses — that’s also a big hit.

    1. Thank you, Joey! Happy New Year to you!
      Mmm…a kale and chard salad sounds tasty. I am always disappointed when things stick to the bottom of the bowl, so thanks for the tip. And thanks for sharing the recipe.
      Ohh– the other sounds tasty too! Yum.

  2. I had to think about this for a while, but it’s so true! Especially when reflecting and seeing all that has been done in 5/10 it is encouraging to think all that can change/be done in that time span! But it’s important to realize that good things take time, and may need more than a single year (as the quote points to!). Thanks for sharing, Amy.

    1. I do think that some things take time and so we shouldn’t be discouraged if they don’t happen in a 12-month timespan. It’s amazing the progress that’s made with small steps. It might take a little longer than we like, but we still get there. I’m glad you enjoyed the quote, Mackenzie! 🙂

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