Musings from my active mind

Musings from an active mind

The real me….

Ok, not the really, real me…. there is a snapchat filter.  No makeup… No sleep… not a great combo for me.  I do reserve the right to maintain some of my dignity.

Thanks so much for the love on yesterday’s post.  In the beginning, I almost deleted it.  But being real is what I try to do. 🙂

This was from my Instagram story last week.  It’s about 16 seconds.  If you follow my stories there, I apologize for the repeat.  I got a good laugh out of the experience and I hope you do as well.

I’m sharing it because tomorrow’s post has been written in my mind for some time.  It is a post that will once again be a very honest, very open post.  So for today, we laugh!


Let your light shine!


14 thoughts on “Musings from my active mind

    1. I guess the movie box case looked like it had been bitten. I must have checked it out that way because nobody in my house did such a thing! 🙂 Perhaps case would have been the better word. I very rarely publish me talking…now I see why. lol

    1. It can be a short video. Mostly it’s photos. A way for your followers to learn a little about you.

      It’s taken from the snapchat concept.

      Sometimes I share a little photo of something about my day, but that I don’t want to be in my IG feed. They disappear after 24 hours, unlike this video which I’ve memorialized by adding it to youtube (totally hoping I don’t regret that one. lol).

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