Love letter to my daughter

Love Letter to my Daughter

Today, Miss Sunshine turns 14. Instead of the fun day she had planned, she is home, sick. I am in full nurturing mode.

That’s what I do.

Because I am her mother.

I wrote this post on her birthday last year.

Its truth remains.


Let your light shine!


22 thoughts on “Love letter to my daughter

  1. oooo – what a beautiful b-day post – and captured the vibe of that 13th milestone from your view….
    also – hope the b-day girl gets 100% better very soon…

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter! It’s bittersweet watching your baby grow into a young adult seemingly overnight, but by the same token, it’s also a reason to celebrate the wonderful individual they’ve become. Enjoy this special day! 😊

  3. It’s still a beautiful letter to your Miss Sunshine.
    Happy Birthday Miss Sunshine! 14! That’s a good year.
    I know it sucks to be sick on your Birthday, but good times are on the way. I wish you a whole year of fun, adventure, and wonderful surprises!

    1. Thank you! Today she is beginning to feel a little better.
      She has read it. She is the type who takes things in, but says little. I’m sure she secretly enjoyed the sentiment. πŸ™‚

  4. This is a very beautiful post for you daughter I know you are a very close family and she will love this now and in the years to come. I pray she starts feeling better very soon.

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