Friday Faves – Edition 36



Edition 36.

Time for a round-up of my faves from the week.

Pumpkins and Halloween monsters

Cooler Weather.


I haven’t actually carved pumpkins yet.  This is a throwback. My trees only have faint traces of color here and there…


cooler weather has arrived!


Also, Miss Sunshine’s birthday is tomorrow and this photo reminds me that I have to travel to a haunted farm and try not to cry while we walk through it.


Photo Files.

I’ve been working at cleaning up my photo files.  My startup disk is already full on my mac. I know that I need to move all my photos to an external hard drive, but it seems so scary. I don’t want to lose them in the process. Adding Lightroom is on my list, but I need to sift through old photos first because my computer is extremely sluggish.

The fun part about sifting through photos is when you stumble upon ones that you’d forgotten about.  This photo was from this past summer. It was taken when we visited the North Carolina Aquarium in Fort Fisher.


Most of the week has been spent trying to get the house presentable enough for company. There were some highlights of the week though:

  • Miss Sunshine had a good soccer week
  • Big Mr. was inducted into the BETA Club.
  • Mr. D finished driving school. Next month he’ll be able to drive on his own.end.
  • I had to have a vein looked at that was causing me pain when running. There wasn’t a blood clot. Yay!
  • My cousin had his baby. It was a boy! The Aunt who traveled with me to Scotland is now a grandma!
  • My meditation is still going strong. I find myself using different mantras that I’ve learned in the challenge.  Like when I awake at night or to keep my mind focused when I’m running or when I’m frustrated.



The colder weather really challenges my body to remain warm. I’ve taken to having a cup of tea in the afternoon. Some days I enjoy the teas that I brought home from Scotland. On other days, I enjoy my Yogi teas. I love that they have a little message on the tea bag.  The one that I’ve been drinking recently is a Berry Detox.

Do you have a favorite flavor of tea?


The song that I’ve chosen this week came up on my recommended list. I think it’s because I watch the TV show The Vikings. Given that I’ve been going through Game of Thrones withdrawals, I’m excited that the next season of The Vikings starts at the end of November.

What were some highlights from your week?

I hope that you all have lots of love and light coming your way this coming week.


Let your light shine!


13 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Edition 36

  1. Your long window has a lovely view.

    I love black tea…strong with milk and sugar. I don’t drink many flavored teas or herbal ones.

    Hope the birthday party is fun, and you have a lovely week-end!

    1. The view through that opening is lovely. It’s an open-air space on the covered porch landing at the front door.

      I think black teas may be my preference. I really love those I’ve brought back from Scotland.

      Unfortunately, Miss Sunshine woke up ill this morning. A trip to the walk-in clinic later and she had to miss soccer and cancel her party. The good news is they don’t think it’s strep throat. The bad news is that she feels awful. I hope your weekend of birding is lots of fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing your highlights. My meditation is also going well and I’m enjoying daily guided ones as well as affirmations. Like you too my computer is slow and sluggish and I think I need to have a serious declutter of my digital library. Have a great weekend Amy. xo

    1. Thanks Miriam. I’m glad that you are enjoying your meditation as well. When I started my personal challenge at the beginning of the month, I tried some guided and some with just music. I’m enjoying this specific 3 week guided challenge that I started on the 9th. I’m not sure what type I’ll do once I finish, but I will definitely be continuing.
      I hope that your weekend is great as well! xo

      1. Thanks Amy and must admit I’m feeling the same way. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of mixing them up and doing whatever meditation feels right at the time. How great that we’re both doing this. I used to always find it a challenge to fit meditation into my day, now I can’t imagine a day not doing it. Stay well. x

  3. I’m not a tea drinker, and the rare times I do have a cup, it will be herbal. I wish I was though – it seems like such a civilized habit.

    I like sifting through old photos too … and sometimes even photos I didn’t take so long ago, but got forgotten for one reason or another. They often trigger inspiration for a post I hadn’t considered.

    It’s still unseasonably warm here and the trees surrounding our yard are still green. It kind of makes up for the lacklustre summer 🙂

  4. I like Sleepytime tea at night. Ritual since 1997. Some nights no, but mostly, yes. With honey.
    We’re having a rather bland autumn color-wise. I can’t have pumpkins because of the squirrels. They love to nibble. I’m thinking about buying one of those ceramic jack-o-lanterns for the picture window instead. But like, after Halloween, on sale.
    This was such a busy week, it seems like a blur. As I sit here, I recall quite a few happies happened this week, but I can’t actually remember what. How odd. I am tired. I’ve had wine. Maybe that’s it. Huh. Oh well, still, plenty of happies 🙂
    Glad y’all had a good week, too!

    1. I think that I’ve had a sleepy time tea before. That sounds like a delightful ritual.
      I’m just hoping that the color pops and doesn’t stay muted. I’m not sure how the summer weather will end up impacting the autumn leaves as of yet.
      I’m glad that you had plenty of happies!

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