Friday Faves – Edition 21



Edition 21.

I can’t believe that I’ve already been back from the beach for a week! Time flies when you’re a mama to three teens and new puppy!

Time for my weekly round-up of faves!


Surfboard Carrier.

One of the items that my hubby found made his and Miss Sunshine’s trip across the bridge and to the seashore much easier. It was a SUP/Surfboard carrier strap. It made it possible for them to distribute the weight and not have to try to get their arm under it or carry it over their heads.  Miss Sunshine commented numerous times on how wonderful this addition was for her toting of her surfboard.


Body Positivity.

This fave is more about my journey toward body positivity. It was the main bathing suit that I wore for my week at the beach. The bottoms are DKNY from a tankini set that I have and the top is J. Crew that I picked up at the J. Crew Clearance Store (which has sadly closed) a year or two ago.

Wearing a bikini has been a journey for me. I loved my body from ages 17-21, maybe even before that. Even though I was a late bloomer I wasn’t overly bothered by that. I had the Big Mr. (my firstborn) at 22, Mr. D (my 2nd child) at 23, and Miss Sunshine (my 3rd child) at 26.

I really didn’t think much too much about my body changes. Yes, there were some stretch marks and my belly didn’t look exactly the same, but it wasn’t until I saw a photo of me in a bikini playing with an 18-month-old Miss Sunshine that I was bothered by my body. I decided at that point that I was not going to wear another bikini in public.

At 30, I took out the belly piercing that I had worn for the past 10 years and decided my belly would never be seen.

Not in a midriff and definitely not in a bikini.

Last year, after having been on my health and yoga journey for about a year, I began to feel more confident in my body.  Sure, the stretch marks are still there and I still don’t like how my belly looks when I stand sideways to the mirror, but not wearing a bikini because I felt ashamed of my body began to bother me more than anything. And so last year, I wore a bikini in public for the first time in about 10 years. And this year, I wore it more.

It is still a journey. You will not find photos of me in it. There was some last year and when I saw them, it brought up feelings that I don’t want to have for myself. So I choose to feel confident and continue the process of beginning to love my body… where it is today… strong.


Dog Collar.

While we were down in Carolina Beach, we took a day trip over to Southport. Since we already knew that we would be picking up Maverick, our new GoldendoodleMiss Sunshine wanted to find him a collar. We found this collar at a little boutique. Unfortunately, somebody was a little eager to clean out my Jeep. And they threw away the business card that named the maker of this cute Starfish dog collar.


Dog Memorial.

After I posted on Monday about our new puppy, I went to check our mail that had been delivered after week on hold.  In it, I found this card. Our veterinarian’s office had made a memorial donation in honor of Kiwi. The back of the card tells about the mission and reads: “Around the world, people depend on their animal for income, nutrition, labor or companionship. For 40 years, Christian Veterinary Mission has equipped veterinarians to serve in communities that need animals the most, using their expertise to build sustainable livelihoods and express Christ’s love through veterinary medicine.”

It was such a touching gesture. For the dog that we lost and receiving it so shortly after the one we’ve gained. But also because we sponsor two boys in Africa. One through World Vision and one through Compassion. And I see what a difference animals make in their lives. The project that the boy we sponsored for many years through World Vision reached the point of no longer needing World Vision last year. I will never forget the photo that I have with him and a cow and supplies for a school, showing that even the smallest things we do make a difference in people’s lives.



I also returned to the library for some more books to encourage my simplicity/minimalism/decluttering journey. I have some on hold, but these are the two that I am currently reading. However, I started two because SoulSpace by Xorin Balbes encourages a process of going through spaces in a way that isn’t accomplished in a day. I’m also reading Simple Matters by Erin Boyle, who I discovered upon reading the book, also has the blog Reading My Tea Leaves.

Interestingly, her intro begins about talking about how many minimalists narratives begin with too much. And about how hers did not. I found it interesting because I am beginning with too much, but I also feel like my desire comes from the roots of my childhood where there was enough, but never too much. A very simplistic childhood filled with imagination and days in the sunshine.


So my song this week is back to the roots of simplicity:

I hope you all have an amazing weekend filled with love and sunshine!!

Thoreau quote "Our life is frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify." Ocean background

Let your light shine!



9 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Edition 21

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.
      I think honesty about my struggles is how I am able to process this human experience with its ups and downs and my hope is that people can relate in that life is often unpredictable, we all have our own baggage/issues, but life is also filled with splendid moments of beauty (if we try to look for them) πŸ™‚

  1. Excellent tuneage, Miss Amy πŸ™‚
    I think of my body like a gift, a tool, and as I age, and um, lose things or however we should phrase it, I appreciate it all the more. It’s still pretty amazing from an ability perspective. I try not to take it for granted.
    I no longer own a kini. I last wore one in the summer of 2010, but when the surf was high, I decided I needed more, er, security, so to speak. I’ve taken to my red retro suit, which makes me feel feminine and free. πŸ™‚ It’s all about how we feeeeeeel.
    You know, it’s weird the psychological effects of environments growing up. My parents were fresh day shoppers, and I like to be stocked up like a blizzard’s comin. My mother loves glass and brass and finery and elegance, and I like to be casual, lots of wood and cotton. I often wonder if it’s authentic or rebellion. But this is true of all of us, we follow or oppose in almost every way possible, but the joys of choosing are delightful when we recognize our own needs.

    1. Thanks so much πŸ™‚
      I am learning to appreciate my body. It has done an amazing job of being receptive to every single thing that I put it through!
      I had some issues with bikinis last year. I will not surf in one… between irritation from the board and trying to cover my head to avoid being hit by the board when falling under water… needing to hold my bathing suit in place and having to double check that everything was still “in hiding” before I stood up was just too much! But yes, it is how we feel! I love a good retro one piece, but my reason for not wearing a bikini was why I began to refuse to succumb to it.
      I think the parts of my childhood that I long for are the fact that they never caved to societal pressures or had a “keeping up with the jones” mentality. I was the only one in the immediate family who had that and always wondered why I cared so much. Now, even though I still feel that tug, I am working really hard at contentment and loving what I own vs. always striving for more. πŸ™‚

      1. It’s interesting you know this about yourself and resist the tug. Loving what we own is genuine gratitude <3
        Surfing, not so much — I never got good at it, and now wouldn't even try — and certainly not in a kini πŸ˜›

    1. Flexibility was one of the reasons that I began yoga. I enjoy it very much. I think that self-confidence is so important and that’s why I wanted to work on my own. πŸ™‚

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