Friday Faves – Edition 14



I’m so thankful to see Friday this week.

This week has had many rough moments from the loss of our dog on Monday to the stealing of my lawnmower on Tuesday to somebody wrecking into my yard and ending up with the rear of the truck in my creek (and not the shallow part… luckily, it was dry).


I’m thankful that nobody was injured, but this is also the third wreck on this strip of road in the past two weeks.  It’s a residential neighborhood, not a highway. The first one, I happened to be checking my mail when I heard the tires screeching. I was certain they were going to hit the tree and missed it by some handfuls of feet. They were not injured. Thank goodness. That one bothered me for days. I did not see the 2nd and there weren’t marks in my yard, but the street sign and stop sign along with a piece of the car were in the ditch. Yesterday, I was sitting in the kitchen when I heard the screeching tires, the bashing, and breaking of glass (this was them taking out the stop sign) and when I ran to the front door, they had slid into the ditch.


So needless to say it’s been a crazy week.

However, we are focusing on the FAVES of the week.


Stolen Mower Returned.

And the first is that the lawnmower was returned!


Honestly, I can’t say exactly when it was returned. It’s easier to notice that something is missing than to realize something is back that has been sitting in that location for almost 4 years. But Thursday mid-morning, I went to the mailbox.  My mailbox is on the other side of my road. I have to wait if a car is passing. I did that. Put the letter in the mailbox. Lifted the flag. Looked to cross back and waited for a landscaping truck to pass. Which reminded me that we’d need to get a new lawnmower by this weekend (rain makes that grass grow quickly!) and that’s when I saw it….the lawnmower was in its spot.


I did chalk this up to good karma (until the wreck into my yard that afternoon) and here’s why.

I bought the girlie a new pair of shoes. There was an issue with said shoes so we went to exchange them. We were at a different location and this one did not carry said shoes at that location so we just returned them. The shoes had come with a free gift (a fob of some sort) that I didn’t have with me when we returned them since I had expected to just exchange them. I felt a strong prodding at my conscience to hurry up and get that returned as well.

Here I was not happy that I had been stolen from, but my still having this free gift in my possession for shoes we no longer owned was not okay either.

The next day I went to the store, explained that this had come with the shoes we had returned a few days prior. His facial expression showed that he was surprised that I returned it and he “okay, you have a blessed day”

I left there feeling like a weight had been lifted and a giant grin. My grin was because he had spoken a blessing into my life after my awful situations on Monday and Tuesday.

If you take nothing else from that story, I hope you’ll take away that your words are powerful and 5 little words from a stranger changed my entire outlook for the day.



Another fave is these nuts. They were a crucial component to my detox. I like to keep my blood sugar even and these make a great snack. A few days, I have an early Pilates class and I usually eat nuts and a piece of fruit beforehand and save eating eggs until afterward.

I will tell you that I did not complete the entire 10 days of clean eating and no cheese. On day 7, I wasn’t feeling well. I thought it was that I may have had too much caffeine. But as I listened to my body, I realized that I needed some more carbs. If I’d been properly prepared I would have had some whole grain bread on hand. As it was, I ate a Hawaiian roll with a hunk of butter. I felt better the rest of the day.  Looking back, I realize my body was dealing with the stress of knowing what was happening with the dog.

I was frustrated at the time because I had 10 days set arbitrarily in my mind. In the end, I think it is always more important to listen to your body. Mine tends to get panicky and nauseous when I don’t treat it properly and then I have to figure out whether it wants water or a specific type of food.



I already talked about the girlie’s soccer season last week, but last night was the Middle School awards program.  The coaches for Baseball, Softball, Track, and Soccer hand out certificates and awards.  The girlie’s team got this medal along with a rose from their coaches. All of the athletes dress up for the program, so it’s fun to see that as well.


Trial Run of Tux before Prom


And speaking of dressing up, the oldest has Prom tomorrow night. He was able to pick up his tux last night and I snapped a quick pic while he tried it on for size.

I’ll be spending most of my weekend at soccer games for the girlie’s travel team and hopefully be back on Saturday in time to snap lots of pictures of the oldest and his date to the prom.

I hope that you have some amazing plans in store for your weekend.

Here’s the song that I’m loving this week. Being a mom is a hard job. I can’t even imagine doing it alone.

For those of you that are mothers, I want to wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day.

And if you are one of those out there who has already lost your mother, as I know some who are close to me have, I know that this day can be hard. I wish you love and peace as you wander through your memories.


Let your light shine!






35 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Edition 14

  1. I’m so sorry you had such a challenging week. What a nice twist of events, though, that the lawnmower made an unexpected reappearance.

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! 😊

  2. How wonderful that the lawnmower was returned. Guess they just borrowed it. πŸ™‚

    WOW! Do you live on curve? I think it’s good you have trees in your yard. Although if their trunks were bigger they’d stop a car better and be protection from a careening car or trunk on a bee line toward your house.

    What a week! I hope the week-end is wonderful for you all!

    1. The lawnmower thing is just crazy!
      Our front yard is on the descent from a hill. You must ride your brake to not pick up about 10-15mph. The speed limit is 25 although they rarely travel that slowly. When there is rain or snow, the descent can cause you to hydroplane if you aren’t careful. Yesterday’s wreck was from the other direction. Based on what happened, they were traveling too fast and slammed the brakes to make a corner.
      We planted a line of trees out front because some people assumed that it was community property and could just park their vehicles on it. My house is up the hill and not in danger and shouldn’t be in danger of being hit.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

    1. It’s definitely been a week for the books. I’m always afraid when I hear the screeching tires that somebody is going to be seriously injured. Whenever there is rain or snow, there tends to be quite a few accidents.

  3. I am delighted your mower was returned!
    There’s a recurrent accident site about half a mile from our house. I feel that there need to be clearer signs, and more of them. I’m big into signs, hm?
    I love how you wrote that about your body. I’m a body listener, too. I eat what my body tells me to. Most cries are for fish, eggs, nuts, and fruit. I’m careful about wheat, because I need to be more FODMAP for my physical health issues, but I can’t give up carbs, my anxiety goes through the roof.. Rice is my go-to. Sometimes a piece of toast smeared with anything is the cure for what ails me.

    1. The mower thing was crazy! πŸ™‚
      They have cops out getting speeders all the time, but it doesn’t seem to stop them. I don’t think they realize how dangerous the curves are in rain and snow.
      I find that I function so much better when I listen to my body. My doctor gave me the list of FODMAP foods to see if they helped alleviate some issues. I go long periods of no wheat and then reintroduce a little and then go off it again. I think I do better off of it, but I don’t like giving so much up. lol.

    1. Thank you so much Marcus. My children surprised me with tulip bulbs and the youngest made me a camera sculpture out of clay. I feel very blessed indeed πŸ™‚ -Amy

  4. You have definitely had a full week. Perhaps that full moon was to blame πŸ™‚
    Happy Mother’s Day, Amy. Hope next week is lot calmer!

    1. Thank you Joanne. It must have been that full moon! I’m looking for calm this week. I did read an astrology post that said we go from “manic” to “mindful” starting on the 16th. I, for one, could definitely do with a little less “manic”. πŸ˜‰

  5. True story…..My sister and her boyfriend some 35 years ago were supposed to go to my aunts to borrow a charcoal grill. Well they went to the wrong house and borrowed someone elses. Realizing after my aunt called her back on why she hadn’t picked up the grill, they returned the grill to the unsuspecting (or maybe suspecting) folks with a thankyou/apology note. We still joke about the rotating grill πŸ™‚ Glad your mower was returned. Maybe it was a similar situation?? But a note would have been nice huh?!

    1. I can see how that could happen! Given that he sped off as he saw me run down the driveway, I suspect it was not accidental. However, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and am happy that he returned it. πŸ™‚

  6. Talking about a crazy week! You have any idea who “borrowed” your land mower? Don’t have to answer that one:)
    It’s always special when the first one goes to the prom! Kind of a new phase in a family’s life! Thanks for keeping up with me, I have been trailing behind since last week. because I have been retired for 3 years, and suddenly I have a little temporary job (my choice). How quickly I got used to not working, haha!

  7. Gosh, you had quite a week but how good that your lawn mower was retuned. I hope this week is being kind to you Amy. Motherhood is a never ending roller coaster of ups and downs isn’t it? Hugs to you xo

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