What’s Up Lately Episode 008

What’s Up Lately.

Episode 008.

Hey All!!

I had planned to do a Friday Faves this week.

But as you can see, it’s Saturday.

Yesterday morning as I was getting my cup of coffee, my husband said that it looked like there were cop lights in our front yard.

We have light filtering blinds similar to these.

I peered out behind the blind and the cop appeared to be walking by something that I thought might be a toilet. The tree was blocking it, but a toilet didn’t make sense. I looked in the direction that he was walking and saw that there was a vehicle in our yard.

I walked to the living room and looked out the window and saw an ambulance and fire truck along with the fact that the vehicle in a front yard was totaled.

Many of you might recall from last year that I had three wrecks in my yard within a two-week timespan. That was way back in Edition 14 of Friday Faves. That was also the week of the mower incident and the loss of our dog.

At the time, nobody had ever hit a tree in the yard.

This time they did.

They actually took out a utility box (which I thought was the toilet because it was so far from its original location), scraped the tree with multiple trunks (which is probably why they lost the front driver’s tire) and then hit this other tree on the passenger side. Luckily, it was with the side of the vehicle, which is why the tree isn’t more damaged and probably why they weren’t horribly injured.

I did not walk out there until after the scene had been cleared, but the person was walking around talking with the various authorities so I’m guessing they weren’t hurt too bad. Thank goodness!!

It could have been so much worse!


Obviously, the situation made the morning a little more chaotic and I was trying to have the teens leave for school before the tow truck possibly blocked the exit.

Then it was time for Pilates. I hadn’t been able to go on a hike the day before because it was raining. Plus, my stress levels were increased, so I was definitely going to Pilates!

Workout Food.

I can’t work out on an empty or a full stomach so I usually have an RX BarMackenzie, who blogs over at Mack Marie, and I were talking about Rx Bar flavors. I hadn’t tried any of the fall flavors so I decided to try Gingerbread. I’m not sure if I love it more than my “go to” Peanut Butter Chocolate, but it was good. I saw that they have Pumpkin Spice too. I didn’t choose that one because I thought it was too cliché for the first try of fall flavors. lol.


I’m still working on the reading challenge.

I just finished the book recommended by the librarian – Behind Closed Doors. It wasn’t what I thought it would be based on the librarian’s description, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writing was such that I was deeply vested in the story and couldn’t put it down. Always a test of a good book, in my opinion. I will say that the subject matter can be triggering for some people.

Now I’ve started on the play – Cymbeline. I knew that reading Shakespears would be somewhat daunting, but I didn’t have time to figure out another qualifier for this part of the challenge (collection of poems, essays, or a play).


I mentioned that we got rid of cable and have been primarily using Amazon Prime and Netflix to watch movies.

If you’re interested in Amazon Prime , they offer a free 30 day trial, which you can get to my clicking this link: Join Amazon Prime – Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime – Start Free Trial Now.

One of the things I was concerned about with getting rid of cable was the fact that we really enjoy Game of Thrones and the final season is next year, but then I saw this: Prime Members Start Your Free Trial of HBO with Prime Video Channels and knew that I had other options.

Our oldest son, Big Mr., had not seen The Matrix Trilogy so we’ve been watching that the past few nights.

Tonight will be the final one.

I CAN NOT believe that movie came out before all of my children were born.

It made me feel a little old.

Have you seen The Matrix?

Surely you have!

Roadside sunrise watermark (1 of 1)

Fall Colors.

I’ve also started editing the photos from my sunrise morning on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at one of the photos.

The leaves are falling fast here. The cold fronts are pushing in and bringing lots of wind with them.

Tomorrow I travel up to Charlottesville for Miss Sunshine’s final league game (then to Richmond for a tournament next weekend). They are poised to be the league champions since they’ve beaten the second place team both times, but it would still be nice for them to have an undefeated season. I expect it to be very cold!


Another note about tomorrow. It’s 11/11.

There are people who take time to pause and send out good vibes into the universe at 11:11 on 11/11.

Will you notice the time at 11:11?

If you do, stop and take a minute to increase the positivity in the world. There is truth to the saying “we are what we think”.

Have an awesome weekend filled with love and light!

The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts - Marcus Aurelius

Let your light shine!



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11 thoughts on “What’s Up Lately Episode 008

  1. Wow! Sorry about another car crash in your yard!! Good lord, what are people doing behind the wheel 😳. I don’t know about those RX bars, I haven’t liked a single flavor yet!!

    1. They aren’t following the speed limit, to start!! And it’s a hill that you have to brake down or you pick up too much speed. I think they brake too late in that corner and if it’s wet they lose control. It’s very dangerous and I wish they’d just follow the speed limit.
      I think all those protein bars can be very hit or miss. There are some that people rave about and I think they taste horrible. Some of the Rx bars are a little sticky for my preference, but I like that they don’t have tons of unnameable ingredients (and a lot of “health” foods add stevia which tastes like a chemical to me and overpowers my taste buds in everything it’s added to). Do you have a bar that you like?

      1. My hubby likes the protein bars from Costco, but I doubt that they are really that healthy. Usually, I just go with fruit, nuts and jerky, and skip all the bars 😂

  2. That is NUTS about these accidents- why do they think they keep happening?!

    Yay I’m glad you had the chance to try a seasonal flavor! I haven’t tried gingerbread yet- but like you said I still preferred the regular flavors over seasonal, but it’s a fun change of pace- I think I tried a maple something or another. And I loled at pumpkin spice being too cliché for the first time- hahahha.

    I LOVED behind closed doors!! I couldn’t put it down either.

    I haven’t seen the Matrix, but it’s referenced allll the time, so I feel like I have !

    Have a great week, Amy 🙂

    1. The speed limit is 25 through the neighborhood, but most people use it as a cut-through road and travel 40. This hill requires you to ride your brake or you will pick up too much speed (even at 25). I think they think they will just coast down the hill, but realize too late that it curves and without braking you will go into the other lane. When it’s wet, making that decision at that point is too late and you slide out.

      I saw the maple something’s online, but not at the store.

      My son had said the same thing about the referencing. “You can take the red pill or the blue pill”. lol.

      You have a great week too Mackenzie!! 🙂

  3. Your yard seems to be a magnet for car accidents. I hope someday there isn’t a serious one.

    You’ve mentioned Rx bars before and I had never heard of them. I’m always looking for a good protein bar to carry in my purse for emergencies. I like that simple ingredient list 🙂 I will have to find one and give it a try.

    1. It’s unfortunate that people don’t realize that there is a speed limit for a reason. A serious wreck is always my fear!!
      I love that the Rx bars have a simple ingredient list. It’s what drew me to them the first time.

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