Follow the Wind…. even for a minute

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Follow the Wind Friday was originally where I thought I’d get to tackle projects and find out things such as:

  • A-What I’m good at doing

  • B- What I’m not good at doing

  • C- What I enjoy doing (one of the most important, in my opinion.

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As soon as I decided to set aside this time I ran headlong into obligations – dog obligations, car obligations, household obligations… and I’m raising teenagers, need I say more about my busyness.  I have still been making progress, albeit, much more slowly than I would have preferred.  There hasn’t been anything that’s been done in a way that leads to any conclusive thoughts about what I’ve spent time doing.quote 4

I did try a new cardio class called BodyVive one Friday.  I am choreographically challenged so I was amusing to myself.  The instructors assured me that the patterns repeat and I will get the hang of it.  Eek, I’m not sure.  And, of course, the next two weeks I was unavailable when the class was offered.  This makes it very easy for me to not want to try it again, but I need to find a cardio that I enjoy and everyone at the gym is raving about it so I will see what this week holds come Friday.  If you have a favorite cardio (I don’t love running, I wish I did.  Everybody that I know who runs absolutely loves it, but not me), let me know what it is and maybe I can give that a try.

I have been taking pictures regularly this winter.  Yoga and photography are what have kept me sane this winter.  I’m still a Florida girl and my body and mind is not a fan of the cold and the lack of sunshine.  I did not do well my first two winters here and was not going down that path this year.  I sought out beauty daily and lived by #choosehappiness and “Let your light shine”.  I usually post on Instagram along with a quote.  As I mentioned, I found an app to add them to the picture.  I’ve been happy with it so far.  And on the recommendation of DadStayedHome, I picked up the EZY Watermark app and can now add my name to my pictures.  So I’m definitely taking steps forward!!

I’m looking forward to the spring when I can start on some projects that require the garage or our underground basement space that we call the “concrete room”.  It’s been much too cold for me to spend any excessive time in them, but warmth is on the horizon!  Just today, I saw little bits of green beginning to poke their heads out from beneath the cold, brown landscape of winter.

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Let your light shine!


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