WPC: Holiday Season

Holiday Season.

The photo challenge of the week is “It’s not this time of year without…”

Having just enjoyed Thanksgiving with my Virginia family, I can definitely say “family” “laughter” “good food”.


 But thinking beyond that…into my existence as a Virginian these past 3 years, what is something that I enjoy about the holiday season?

I am still learning to embrace the cold, but one thing I do enjoy is a freshly fallen snow.  

Some years we get a snowfall during the holidays, other years it comes later.

A new snow blankets everything.  

It adds beauty and light to an otherwise stark landscape.


The neighborhood becomes quiet.  

The weather is crisp.  

It feels like there is magic in the air.

A time for new beginnings.

So when that first snow falls, I will embrace its beauty.  

I will remember that it’s never too late to begin again.

I will remember that just like the newly fallen snow covers the deadness of winter, God’s grace covers my shortcomings.

And then I will remember that I began this journey, this writing down my thoughts, during a freshly fallen snow.  

That I was called to step outside of my comfort zone, to push beyond boundaries that I didn’t think that I could.

But I have become complacent.  

I have become fearful of pressing farther outward.  

Comfortable within my newly expanded boundaries.

As I reflect upon the holidays and on a snowfall not yet touched by man, I am reminded to continue growing…

Let your light shine!



23 thoughts on “WPC: Holiday Season

  1. I love your photos – each one is special and tells a story. I’m drawn to the poor little bird just waiting out the snow near a food source. Smart little guy 🙂

  2. This is beautiful, Amy. I lived in SW Virginia for several years, what seems like long ago now. It was beautiful in the snowy winter. Thank you for viewing my Wordless Wednesday.

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