Tuesday Truth #39

Tuesday Truth.

Number 39.

I hope that you are having a beautiful Tuesday!

As I prepare this post, I am sitting on the deck watching and listening to the ocean waves kiss the shoreline.

Yes, I am once again at the beach.

My happy place.

While I did escape the heatwave as it came through Roanoke, Virginia, I’ve still been in the East Coast heatwave.

But I’m not complaining!

This time we are in Carolina Beach, North Carolina. We’ve visited this beach often over the years. So far, I’ve eaten lots of tasty seafood and have even surfed some waves (itty bitty bunny waves…but waves, nonetheless)!!

I’ve also been doing my meditation and reading novels. Currently, I’m reading two.

Why, you might ask.

Well, one is a paperback and I don’t mind if it gets wet as I sit by the shore. That one is The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig. And its storyline has sucked me right in.

The other is Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. My mother-in-law asked me if I’d read it when we were discussing that Mr. D had decided he was moving to Savannah after graduation. Apparently it’s a well known book. I had it on my list of future reads. Then I saw it mentioned a few other places and finally, while recently perusing at the library, it was in the displays on the endcap. I figured that was fate…what have you, and checked it out. It is not mine. Therefore, it cannot get wet. It’s actually a true story…of murder. Have you heard of it? Read it? What’d you think?

Are you reading anything good? Tell me! I love to hear about good books!

So on to my thoughts about today’s truth…

When trying to capture photographs, I am often trying to stand in a way that shares the best angles of light.

And sometimes as I’m moving to figure out the best placement, I end up casting my own shadow into my shot.

The same can be said about life.

When life seems to be full of shadows, try looking at things from different angles. You may just find that you’re standing in your own sunshine.

I know that this is a lesson that I’m learning and thought you might find some truth in it as well.

Have you ever found this to be true?

Since the beach makes my soul smile, I thought I’d share a bonus sunset photo.

Sometimes we need to step away from the clamor and remember who we are.

You are a wondrous being living in wondrous world.

Stop and look around.

Find that piece of beauty in the chaos.

And find it in yourself as well.

Let your light shine!


15 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #39

  1. Happy Tuesday, Amy. I’m off today too to spend a day near water. In my case paddling on a river.

    I like the quote about standing in our own shadows. It’s a great reminder to look for our own sunshine because truly it’s there for us!

  2. Yay for beach days 🙂
    I did read it, and I had the pleasure of doing so BEFORE the movie, so that was quite nice. The Mister and I both had, and then we saw the movie and we argued at one another and at the movie and bought a second copy of the book so we could both reread at the same time. Very good book. Not in my top 100, but very good book.

    1. I did not know there was a movie! I hadn’t even heard of the book until recently. I’m enjoying it so far. I like that these crazy tales he’s sharing about the locals are true. It reminds me that many people have quite interesting stories if we only listen. I’m not too far into it so I’m hoping that the style continues.

  3. Hi Amy, Wonderful quote! “Girl from Everywhere” sounds intriguing. Do you recommend? If I recall correctly, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” was an excellent movie. I love book recommendations, too. I agree on your shadow metaphors. Beautiful photos!

    1. Hi Erica! I’m glad you enjoyed the quote. and photos! I am enjoying the “Girl from Everywhere”. It is YA but I enjoy that genre. I just learned that there was a movie to “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. I will have to search that out after I finishing reading the book.

    1. I think it’s often true. Sometimes we just don’t heed the inner knowing that it’s what we need. I know that personally I’ve definitely done a lot of thinking over these past few months about who I am and what’s important to me. I hope you find some moments away from the clamor (just don’t stop blogging! 😉 )

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