Tuesday Truth #25

Tuesday Truth.

Number 25.

The Universe buries strange jewels within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. -Elizabeth Gilbert.

Be sure to click over and join in on the discussion about finding the treasures hidden within.

Let that truth sink in for a moment…

I was recently reminded how much I enjoyed reading Big Magic when Erica commented on the Cheryl Strayed quote that I last shared.

This quote goes on to say “the hunt for those jewels – that’s creative living. The courage to go on the hunt in the first place – that’s what separates a mundane existence from a more enchanted one.”

I’ve had a chance recently to really think about the hunt for those jewels.

If you’ve been following me over on Instagram, you may already know that the hubby and I had a quick getaway down to Charleston, SC. It was planned at the last minute. The hubby started a new job this week. As such, we won’t be able to get away for our 20th anniversary on April 10th.

Big Mr. was also on his spring break so he was able to ferry Miss Sunshine to school and soccer practice. While I have traveled and the hubby has traveled, this was the first time we’ve both been gone overnight in the past 5 or so years.

Which is also why we drove down to Charleston instead of hopping on a flight to Puerto Rico ;). We needed a little warmth and proof that spring was on its way. Charleston did not disappoint and was absolutely gorgeous.

I’m editing the photos now so be on the lookout for a post in the near future.

During that time away, I found myself drawn back to telling more stories than I’ve recently told. And wondering if that half-written (ok, probably 1/16 written) work of fiction should be dusted off and given some of my attention.

I also love capturing and editing photos and yet they sit on my computer, not being added to my shop.


Fear of failure? Fear of judgment or rejection?

Take your pick.

She goes on to say, “Do you have the courage to bring forth this work? The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you’ll say yes.”

I’m hoping that I’ll say yes too.

And I hope you’ll be along for the journey!

Speaking of journeys…this Tuesday Truth series was born out of a truth that I wanted to speak into my brother’s journey. You can find that very first quote by clicking here. 

If you’re wondering why I’m sharing that now, well, today is his birthday!! I know that I have some new readers. If you’d like to read a post a wrote about him back at the beginnings of this blog, then you can find that here.

She goes on to say, “Do you have the courage to bring forth this work? The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you’ll say yes.”

But enough about me, I have a question for you!

Have you started the hunt for your buried jewels?

Find any good ones lately?

Let your light shine!


13 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #25

  1. What a lovely post Amy. Yes, I guess we’ve all got hidden gems. Sometimes it takes a bit of focused light and stepping out of our self imposed darkness to find them. xx

    1. Thanks Miriam! I do think it takes some focused light and stepping out to find those gems. I find that I peek my head out, withdraw, and peek it out a little farther the next time. lol. But it’s still forward progress! xx

  2. I also have the same feelings you are describing, Amy, especially beginning the blog or when I submit stories. Criticism and judgement. We are often most critical of our own work. It is the writing community that is very supportive and appreciates and understands the challenge of creating/writing/blogging – edit (pare down) edit again (pare down) and so on. One piece of advice that made a huge difference for me came from “Big Magic”. I am paraphrasing Elizabeth Gilbert. ‘Everything has been said before, but it hasn’t been said by YOU.’ The other advice I refer to often was from “Tiny Beautiful Things”. Paraphrasing Cheryl Strayed ‘what is your story….but, what are you really trying to say.’ A work in progress always. And, Amy, I know I am not the only one that looks forward to watching you uncover your treasures, hoping you will say, yes.

    1. I love that paraphrase from Big Magic. It reminds me of a saying by Marie Forleo “the world needs that one special gift that only you have” and it’s really the premise about not to think “oh the world doesn’t need another writer, photographer, singer, t-shirt maker…whatever your passion is…” because nobody has had your life experience or your personality and what you bring is original.
      Here’s to both of our uncovering our treasures!! 🙂

  3. I have chills!!! This was so timely for me to read. I have so many pictures archived that I haven’t shared for fear of rejection too (or at least I think it’s rejection?)… I love the idea of having buried jewels within us & we just need to ignite the courage to bring them forward! Wow, this was motivating. Thanks for sharing, Amy!

    1. Oh, I so glad that this was timely for you!! I actually had to stop and do an excited little clap! I love creating these quotes and sharing them and it makes me so happy when the people who needed to hear them find them.
      I find that numerous fears around my work seem to overlap each other, but I’m never certain which it is, only that it holds me back.
      Ignite the courage! I like that!! xx

      1. Aw they are making SUCH a different, Amy! I have so many of your Tuesday Truth’s screenshotted on my phone, lol! I get so excited when I see one published!

        I totally get what you mean- this whole post/conversation has been so motivating!

        <3 <3

  4. Um, I basically work and try to cram all the other stuff around work. So no, not much in the way of jewels at this time. I do think the family and I have a lot of good times together and I like that. I like to think independence is increasing dynamically for all of us. I think I’m in a serious growth spurt, spiritually, emotionally. Perhaps jewels will be found sooner rather than later, but not right now.

    1. I think we all have phases where we can hunt for those jewels and those that we can’t. Good times together with the family is very nice! 🙂 Miss Sunshine is a month away from a driving permit and it’s like “Yay, independence!” and “Oh no, independence!” Growth spurts usually seem to be good, either at the time or later. I hope that it is an enjoyable one.

  5. I am always on the hunt for treasure. Sometimes I stumble over it not realizing what it is. Sometimes I turn to examine what it was and other times I continue on my way. Maybe someday I’ll learn to slow down.

    1. Slowing down always seems to be one of the hardest things to do. I definitely have my ups and downs in executing that part of the journey. But at least you are always on the hunt for treasure!

  6. Sometimes – while rattling my head around and tipping it out into the keyboard, I find things to write about – sometimes I don’t. It’s always been curious that once I find even the smallest thing, I can turn it into something. Not always a very interesting something, but a something at least 🙂

    1. I think of things to write, but often by the time I make it to the keyboard, I start to question whether or not anyone truly wants to hear it. I seem to waffle back and forth between wanting a blog full of content that I’ve thought out and fits nicely into a niche (mainly travel and photography) and one where I just spill out my thoughts about anything and everything (which is what I’ve done up until recently). I’m thinking a static homepage could fulfill my need for both. I could spill my thoughts, but anyone coming to directly to homepage could see cohesion vs scattered randomness. lol. You are very good at finding things to say…and I think they are interesting things. 🙂

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