Tuesday Truth #17

Tuesday Truth.

Number 17.

Today's quote asks us to dive down below the surface. What do you find there?

We have reached truth 17 in this series and ponder beauty.

I’ve loved this quote for some time.

If it seems familiar that because it was shared in my post about snorkeling in Aruba.

The photo beneath the quote was taken in Aruba.

This quote recently gained some traction on Pinterest and was saved more times than anything else I’ve ever pinned.

The pin showing up in my Pinterest analytics caused me to stop and ponder its message once again.

Where is our true beauty?

Society has ever-changing, unrealistic standards about our exterior looks.

And time will continue its march on that exterior (which is lovely in its own right, but aging exteriors are still not considered as “desirable” by many societies).

But what about down in the depths?

Your essence.

Your core.

Your soul.

Who are you there?

There is a beauty there that is ageless.

Some of us (my hand is raised) sometimes fail to see that beauty in ourselves because we are so busy judging our exteriors.

Or our shortcomings.

Or our perceived failures.

Or worrying about others judging us.

But I can assure you that there is beauty there.

Let your light shine!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth #17

  1. Oh how I love this. And it makes me think- this is true about everyone we meet. There is always a depth to everybody that we will never see from one conversation or interaction. Thank you– this is really beautiful & thought provoking!

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