5 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Aruba

5 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Aruba

Aruba. Aruba is one of the Lesser Antilles located in the Southern Caribbean Sea. Its weather stays fairly constant at 82° F (28°C). It also lies south of the general hurricane paths. All this makes it a wonderful place to visit year round. We were able to book a direct flight from Washington D.C. (Dulles-IAD) [...]

Aruba Sunset

  Aruba Sunset. The weekly photo challenge this week is to share a sunrise or sunset. I couldn't let that pass by without popping in to share a photo of last night's sunset in Aruba. Look for more photos when I return home! The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water [...]


Relax. Re•lax (verb). Make or become less tense or anxious.   Reminder. Today I needed a reminder to relax. I thought that perhaps some of you might need the reminder as well. One of my favorite places to relax, to become less tense or anxious, is along the shoreline of the ocean. Just Breathe. According [...]

Sunrise Quote

Sunrise Quote. Persevere. This week Nikki at Flying Through Water has asked us to consider the prompt of the word "persevere" and so I've decided to share a sunrise quote. Sunrise Quote. This morning as I watched the sun rise above the Atlantic Ocean in Carolina Beach, North Carolina, I was reminded of this quote: A [...]

Quiet Reflections from the Beach

  Quiet Reflections From The Beach. Carolina Beach, North Carolina. Today is Day 4 of our vacation at the beach. We are in Carolina Beach, North Carolina Sand dunes...sea oats...and salt marshes. The beach is such a recharging place for my soul. The ocean waves crashing. The pelicans dipping low onto the horizon, skimming the surface, [...]