Friday Faves Edition 57

Friday. It's Friday!! Can I get a woohoo?!   Friday Faves. I'm just going to jump right in with my Friday Faves. My week has felt somewhat discombobulated because of the weather. Winter said "hey, did you forget about me?" and showed back up. In last week's Friday Faves, I mentioned that the snow was [...]

Friday Faves Edition 54

Friday! We've once again arrived at Friday. This week has been much better than the last two. Not without its stressors, but substantially better! I think it was because the sun came out. Is that springtime peeking its head into Virginia? I think maybe yes.     Friday Faves. This week I'll just dive into [...]

Friday Faves Edition 52

  Friday. Whether Friday comes fast or Friday comes slowly, it always manages to make its way here. I'll be honest, I've had a very mentally taxing week. I'm not convinced that Friday is going to reduce any of my mental drain, but it's likely that my support system will be more readily available over the [...]