Friday Faves Edition 55


Hey! Hey! It’s Friday!!

You all know what that means.


Friday Faves.

I’m rounding up my Friday Faves for the week. This week has been a productive week on many levels. Spring is trying to creep in, but winter keeps reminding it not to be so pushy.


We had a motorcycle (that I never rode), but it was made for on-road and off-road and the hubby wanted more of an on-road only bike.  He and Big Mr. took a motorcycle class a while back so that Big Mr. could get a motorcycle permit. We recently got the motorcycle in the above background picture. Big Mr. promptly went down to the DMV to get his actual motorcycle license now that he is 18. I haven’t been on the motorcycle yet. We had one when we were engaged (20 years ago), but I haven’t been on one since (edit: I have driven a dirt bike when we still lived in Naples, but I switched over to a four-wheeler). As you know, my teens are adventure lovers so Miss Sunshine was more than happy to have her dad take her for a spin.




Miss Sunshine and I did some shopping on Saturday. School soccer season has officially started. For home games, the team is expected to dress up for school. Miss Sunshine prefers to wear a dress on these days. This is about the only time you will find her in a dress. She still has a few from last year, but since she grew some inches I suspect they are too short. She found two really pretty dresses.


We were also in need of some clothing for our trip to Aruba…which is now only 4 weeks away!! I had already picked up a bathing suit but needed some shorts. Sometimes I wear a coverup over a bathing suit, but I’m more of a jean shorts kinda girl. I picked up the ones in the photo to wear on the beach. I also found a few more pairs that are slightly longer to wear about town. Miss Sunshine found a bathing suit and some shorts as well. I actually picked up the tank top to wear to the gym over my sports bras, but I think it’s cute enough for Aruba. I’m one of those people who border between two sizes, so the tags aren’t coming off until we get closer to leaving.


It was a gray and rainy weekend. On Sunday, the hubby and I drove over to Lynchburg to visit my mother-in-law. We had a lovely visit with her and our niece.

Earth Fare.

I ran over to Earth Fare after the gym because I was out of protein powder. I am not one of those who goes to stores in her workout clothes and was very self-conscious doing so.

You can’t go to Earth Fare and not find other things. I picked up some Carob Spirulina energy bites and they were so tasty. I also had been wanting some sprouts and they had those as well.

Fermented Foods.

I often read about the benefits of fermented foods, which are touted for gut health. I have a strange obsession with sauerkraut. I’m a believer that if you are in tune with your body, it will tell you what you need by its cravings. I could probably eat tons of sauerkraut, but I only eat a few forkfuls because it contains so much sodium. It’s okay if you think I’m strange. What is a strange food that you like? Do you like sauerkraut?

Wait! That’s Mine.

I actually had a funny incident happen while there. I was looking in the egg section, deciding whether or not I was going to be lazy and buy the package of boiled eggs (I was…and I did). I’ve been making up egg salad and putting it on top of avocado toast (and now sprouts too). I turned around and my cart was gone. I looked around. I was wondering if I would find it because there were so many people. And then I spotted the yellow packaging of my Ezekiel bread. The lady, who had accidentally taken my cart instead of hers, and I had a good laugh over it.


Big Mr.

On Tuesday, Big Mr. had Senior sleep in and early release…and it was sunny…so he drove the motorcycle to school.

Prepping for the Challenge.


I decided to prep for the March Challenge and went for a run/walk on the treadmill at the gym. It was more walking than running and I covered 3.41 miles in 45 minutes. However, I was able to see how many steps that included.

Plank Challenge.

I also was curious how long I could hold a plank.  Apparently, one minute 31 seconds. I don’t think trying it an hour and a half after running was the best choice. It wasn’t my core that did me in…it was my quads.


I’ve been productive, but that can sometimes lead to stress. So can raising teens. And other things. Such as the fact that I’ve shared that most of my and my mother’s trip to Scotland has been booked. We were just waiting on the train schedules to become available.

Isle of Skye.

WELL.. the day trip to Skye that we had booked through Viator was canceled. The tour operator isn’t doing that trip anymore. Most of our trip has other parts locked into place. Finally, last night, we came to the conclusion for our replacement day trip and have booked it through WOW Scotland. We will still be leaving from Inverness and seeing everything that we originally planned, except for the tairy pools. It’s slightly disappointing that we’ll miss them…but my motto is “let’s just return again next year!”

Now we just need to book a few trains.


Perhaps now you can relate to why Tuesday’s post was about relaxation!

Rx Bar.

My Pilates days are shortly after the morning rush of getting the teens out of the door for school. I can’t work out on an empty stomach, nor can I do Pilates on a heavy breakfast or my go-to protein smoothie. I discovered Rx Bars during one of Miss Sunshine’s soccer tournaments. I needed to have a snack available for myself, but didn’t want a bunch of strange ingredients. Rx Bars are right with that thought process…hence, the no B.S. in the ingredient list.

I’ve had the blueberry and recently picked up a box of mint chocolate.

I decided to order a sample pack box from them. I haven’t tried them all yet, but I did have Coconut Chocolate this morning and it was super yum!

Since I did order from them, there is a link for a special. It only offers me an option of email, Facebook, or Twitter…so here it is if you’re interested:




More behind the scenes stuff has been working on getting Lightroom set up on my laptop. I’ve finally cleared enough space to add the desktop version, but haven’t tested it out yet. After my post on the Glaciers of GreenlandI watched some beginner tutorials on Lightroom. I was very excited by what I saw because I think that I’ll have much more control over my creative vision during the editing process.


On Thursday, I was all prepared to do some work in Lightroom. I thought I’d try my hand at editing the photos for the Houseboats of Amsterdam post. I went to import the photos…it can’t see the iPhotos library on my mac. I’m sure there’s a way to deal with this. Hopefully ,one that isn’t overly convoluted. However, that didn’t help me yesterday. I went back to my standard place of editing and today’s task will be discovering how to import my photos into Lightroom without needing to save them to the desktop or documents or wherever else it looked for photos.


Challenge Accomplished.

My body was so sore from holding that plank on Tuesday that I had to sit out some reps in Pilates on Wednesday. Due to all that, I decided to take it easy on Thursday. I still achieved my 10,000 steps for Day 1, but it was mostly by pacing the floor while I read or taking breaks to march in place, plus my normal household errands and house cleaning.

We decided to follow the plank challenge from the start and held one for 10 seconds last night.


You may have noticed that I mentioned pacing the floor while reading. While February’s Challenge is officially over…I have a few things to share about reading. Be on the look out next week for my recap and thoughts on the challenge. I have started a new book. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I haven’t seen the movie yet. Have you? I did choose this book for a specific reason, which I’ll share in that post next week.

Full Moon.

Did you see the full moon last night? Ours was covered in a haze of clouds that made it appear quite magical. It was a full moon in Virgo. I’m a Virgo. Hmmm… does that mean there’s some magic in store for me? I’m thinking it’s a definite yes… especially when I go visit those Standing Stones of Callanish in May.


I still haven’t had much time this week to hunt for “new to me” music. It’s been enough to fit in a 15 minute meditation each day. This also means that YouTube “recommends” quite a few meditation videos to me and many of the other “recommendations” are popular songs which I tend not to choose for this space.

The singer behind Iron & Wine is Sam Beam. His roots appear to be some of my stompin’ grounds. Not really…but close. South Carolina…Virginia…Florida…North Carolina. I am partial to the East Coast of the U.S. That may be because I haven’t been any farther west than Arizona.

I hope that you have an adventure filled weekend and smooth sailing for the week!


Let your light shine!








23 thoughts on “Friday Faves Edition 55

  1. I love the bra and panties. Those are awesome.

    I so love sauerkraut. I can eat it with almost every meal.

    Thanks for the info on the rx bars. I’ll give those a try.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥

    1. Thanks!! It’s a bathing suit, but they would make a super cute bra and panties! Sauerkraut is amazing! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the Rx bars. I have the hardest time finding protein bars that I actually enjoy. You have a fabulous day and weekend as well!! <3

  2. Your beautiful quote is so inspiring…I want to leave my warm rooms and embrace it all out there! I recently saw the movie, “The Glass Castle”, it touched me deeply as I was drawn to it for personal reasons, the tears I shed were healing ones. I haven’t read the book yet…

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the quote. I think it holds wonderful truths. I have not made it very far in the book, but her writing style has drawn me in. I plan to watch the movie when I finish the book.

  3. I love your bikini and T. I haven’t been able to wear a bikini since my teens. I lost my favorite black whole piece. Probably left it behind in a hotel drawer. 🙁 I need to replace that along with my old tankini.

    I love vinegar-balsamic and drink a quarter cup or so a day. I also love pickle juice. Sweet over Dill, but I’ll drink a bit of Dill juice now and then. Do those count as weird food? I don’t think I eat anything really weird. I like sauerkraut. I make our Good Luck annual dinner of Wieners, sauerkraut, and sausage every Jan. 1st.

    Yogurt and blue cheese are the fermented things I eat the most. When present I’ll scarf down Kim-chi. YUM! I would eat a bit of that everyday. We found one at Costco but it was too sour and didn’t have a good after taste. I’m comparing it to our favorite restaurant one. It’s probably going to be hard to beat.

    1. Thanks Deborah. I was excited to be able to find a bathing suit. I’m still semi self conscious in a bikini. I had three rather large children and there are markings of their life inside my womb. It’s only been in the last few years that I’ve started wearing one again. I’m sorry to hear you lost your favorite one piece!! I have one in navy, but I’d prefer black and I’d rather it have a more flattering necking than the bandeau style of the one I have.

      I picked up some apple cider vinegar, but haven’t tried it yet. I do like pickle juice. I’m a dill fan and eat dill pickles almost daily. My grandmother used to make ribs and sauerkraut for New Years.

      My hubby, who likes everything, tried kimchi (from a jar) and hated it. It scared me too much to try it. I do love yogurt and blue cheese, but don’t get along with dairy well enough to eat it daily.

  4. All of your shopping items are so stylish, special the bathing suit, It has a beautiful colorful pattern. Your shopping story was so funny too. LOL. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂 <3

  5. I am tired just reading your week summary. And I thought I ran myself ragged! I am impressed. As far as “game on” let’s just say 1 min and 31 seconds? Whaaaat? I was good at 11secs. And 10K steps, well unfortunately I was off yesterday and today they cancelled classes and that is where I can easily hit 10k (and I hate walking out in the cold, so that wasn’t happening today) But tomorrow is a new day. Love reading your Friday Faves, just has a way of putting things in perspective. Have a great week!

    1. Raising teens keeps me on my toes. lol. I’m a little nervous about when the plank challenge gets to the higher numbers, but I plan to persevere! I don’t blame you for not wanting to walk in the cold! I hate that too!!
      Hooray for new days! You have a great week as well!

  6. The problem with these posts (which are MY faves) is that I need to take notes while I read them, because I have so many references.
    First, those bars look nom. Imma have to check those out. The black one sounds tastiest for me.
    Love the ruffles on the swim top! Super cute!
    I DO pay attention to my cravings. Here’s a weird one — A few years ago, I started apple cider vinegar in my water. It was kinda gross. Now, when I drink plain water, it doesn’t taste right, I miss the taste. I do believe it’s done wonders for my digestion. I’m hesitant to say cure, but um…
    The moon last night was majestic. And romantic, given the warmer weather we had <3
    I've also had that shopping cart experience! lol
    Great post, Amy, I love your Fridays 🙂

    1. I’ve finally started making notes during the week just to write them! I was finding that I’d post them and then be like “oh! I forgot to tell them about x”. lol.
      I had a conversation with another blogger on her page who eats the Rx bars. She said Chocolate Sea Salt is her favorite with Blueberry coming in a close second.
      I picked up some apple cider vinegar, but haven’t been brave enough to try it yet.
      I did love that moon! Our weather is creeping back to cold and rainy.
      She still hadn’t even realized she had the wrong cart. lol. And they weren’t filled with anything similar!
      I’m glad you enjoy my Fridays. 🙂

      1. I have over 60 drafts. I need more time. lol
        We’ve gone back to cold and wet, too. This morning, baby snows 🙂

  7. You fit so much more into blog posts than I do. When I see new posts from you land, I have to sit down, and concentrate, because I know you’re going to take me on a journey 🙂

    1. Well I hope it’s an enjoyable journey at least. lol. I think I pack so much in because that is how I meet my daily speaking quotient. Since I know that people are reading…it counts as my need for the spilling of words. Right?! 😉

  8. That was one mighty busy week! Not only has your week sounded productive, but also high-energy and positive. Hope this coming week is repeat of all the good stuff!

    1. This week appears to be just as busy, but I haven’t figured out if it’ll be as productive. lol. I’ve got many things to take care of for kids and dogs…so it’s technically productive. 😉
      Good stuff so far! Fingers crossed that the rest of the week is the same!! 🙂

  9. Lovely post Amy. You’ve been busy. I had to laugh at the shopping trolley story, I’ve had a similar experience myself. 🙂 Have a wonderful week ahead. xo

    1. Thank you Miriam. I wonder if many of us have had the shopping cart experience. It’s quite easy to get distracted by what you’re seeking on the shelves. I hope that your week is going wonderfully! 🙂

  10. Now that you guys have a motorcycle, you need to take the motorcycle class! It’s a fun experience. Especially since you do have some dirt bike experience. 😉

    1. I’ll have to think about that. I may test being a passenger again before I attempt to drive. 😉

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