Seeing Red

Soccer cleats

The Color Red.

Red has a way of standing out.

Boldy proclaiming its presence.

For the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge this week, Patti ( has challenged us to a scavenger hunt, visiting places and seeking out the color red.

We also have the option to “visit” our archives, which is the route I’ve chosen this week.

Red telephone box on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh Scotland

Telephone Boxes of Scotland.

You can’t help but admire the telephone boxes (or booths, as I call them) as you travel throughout the United Kingdom.

This particular box is along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

In my post archives, I shared more photos as well as the history surrounding these iconic phone booths. If you’re curious, here’s the post: Telephone Boxes in Scotland.

Bedlam Theatre Edinburgh Scotland

Red Doors.

I love a good red door! In fact, the door to my current home is red.

The photo above captures the red door of the Bedlam Theatre in Edinburgh. Not only did the red capture my eye, but also the world “Bedlam” since that word is part of my blog’s name.

Also there is red captured in the “do not walk” light. There is also the red of the information box on the right of the photo and a red coat on the outer edge of the left.

I shared this door in the post, Doors of Edinburgh, along with some other fabulous doors. Some of which are also red. I have a series of door posts and quite often there will be a red one found inside.

Soccer cleats


This is a photo of Miss Sunshine’s middle school soccer team. It was taken when she was in 7th grade (if you are new here, she’s now in 10th grade).

I love this shot.

The critical side of me that now knows (a little bit) more about photography than I did at the time would change some things, but, still, this photo makes me smile.

It was taken as a coach’s gift. The longtime girl’s middle school soccer coach was retiring. We took a team photo but this photo was to represent all his years of coaching, hence the reason for no faces.

I amsterdam.

My very first overseas trip, in 2017, first took us to Amsterdam.

It was spring and the tulips were everywhere!

The iconic I amsterdam sign is no longer in front of the Rijksmuseum, having been removed in 2018.

In my archives, I share a few more shots of this area in a post titled: In A Sea of Faces.

Amsterdam Love Locks.

Love Locks seem to appear in many cities and Amsterdam was no exception.

A colorful palette that includes some pops of red.

Mr. D.

Mr. D. is my middle child, my second son.

I know that some of you know this already, but just in case you don’t.

He shies away from social media and rarely lets me take his photo. While I have talked about him and his siblings in various posts over the years, I’ve written posts exclusively about him in the past: The Second Blessing & 18 Years old…round 2.

Mr. D graduated from high school in 2019 and turned eighteen in August. This photo is from my archives. Here, he is fourteen. If he were to turn around, there would still be braces on his teeth. And you would see his piercing green eyes that hold deep wisdom.

Not only is there the red of the skimboard and of the band in the swim trunks, but what you may not be able to tell with the wetness, is that Mr. D is a redhead. When he was a toddler, the women who lived near my grandmother would ooh and ahh and say they wish they could package his hair color and show their hairdresser.

From the age of around fourteen, Mr. D began to grow his hair. If you’ve been around the blog awhile, you may have seen that. It grew into glorious red curls that hung to his shoulders. I shared a photo of those curls in the post where I set the anonymity for my children: What’s in a (nick)name. Just this past October, he cut all those curls away…as if announcing a new phase.

While I am typically drawn to the blues and greens found around me, sometimes we need a little fire to spice up life.

And as far as my son goes, he checks those boxes. Middle child: Check. Zodiac Sign of Leo: Check. Red Head: Check.

Obviously I’m being cheeky (kind of).

Interestingly, after I spent much of the afternoon digging through my archives hunting for red, when I watched a movie in the evening, the scenes that had an overwhelming set of color (an Irish bar filled with greens and a train carriage filled with royal blue) popped out to me.

Tell me, what colors pop out to you in a day?

Do you stop, really stop, to notice colors?

Do you notice red?

I bet that today you will.

And there’s even a name for that. It’s called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon or Frequency Illusion.

Let your light shine!


20 thoughts on “Seeing Red

    1. Thank you so much, Tina. When I started hunting in the archives for that series of shots of my son, I knew there were some great ones of him catching a wave on the board and then I saw that one, almost as if for the first time, and just loved it.

  1. I love that soccer photo so much that since the first time I saw it, I thought all soccer teams should be photographed like that. When I saw it, I smiled so big!
    I really like white but it’s not the most practical choice for many items. My home and my clothes are a lot of blue-green tints, which I find soothing. I splash in yellow, pink, and red, and orange, but really, I live in the aquaesque, too.

    1. Aww…thank you. I think all teams should take that shot as well! We are the same with the blue-green tints. I find it so soothing too. I do like white but I don’t think it likes me.

  2. I do love the colour red, it’s so bold and vibrant though I must admit I don’t wear it very often. Great pics here Amy, love that telephone box and your story about your son’s red locks! Happy February my friend. xx

  3. Amy, You have amazing, eclectic archives! Wow! Good find on the “Bedlam” red door. Your daughter’s soccer photo made me also smile. Very striking and symbolic on many levels. I have heard about the “frequency illusion” a few times this past year. Is this also part of the “frequency illusion?” Great post, Amy!

    1. Thank you, Erica! I was so excited when I found that “Bedlam” door! I do love that soccer photo. 🙂 I’m pretty sure that reading this post would help stimulate the frequency illusion of seeing a lot more red in your daily life. 😉

  4. Ah! Those tulips… they are gorgeous! And I’m also a sucker for phone booths. It’s so crazy to realize they’re now relegated to being viewed as ‘historical’, especially among the younger generation. 😛

    1. It is so funny that the phone booths are historical! I spent many a time calling friends on them while I was on a work break. Lol. I love tulips! The ones in Amsterdam were spectacular.

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