Friday Faves


It’s Friday!!

Today, I’m sharing some things I’m loving.


I love finding new things that people share, so I hope you find something new here too.

I was hoping to find some clothes for my Spring Break trip to Amsterdam and Paris.

I had no luck with that, which if you follow me on Instagram, you already know.



Clothes Shopping.

I decided to finally check out the store Altar’d State (it’s not where I was when I was texting my husband and I actually like the store that shall remain nameless, it just wasn’t happening today).  My girlfriend was the one who had told me that I should check it out.  I had no luck on the clothing front (mostly because I was already frustrated by my previous luck), but the store had so many things other than clothes that were right along the lines of things I love.  I also like that they are a company that focuses on Giving Back.


Home Decor.

This was so hilarious that I texted the photo to the girlfriend who had told me about the store.

We got a good laugh out of this piece of home decor.


Coffee Mug.

I was also in love with this coffee mug. The inner rim said, “Enjoy Life”. Even better, it said it on both sides, which is awesome for us lefties. I may be heading back to add this to my collection of coffee mugs.


Afterward, I decided to go to Sephora to pick up some mascara. I don’t usually wear more than mascara and lip gloss.

This is mostly because once I got over the age of 30, makeup became a little more overwhelming.

I didn’t know what colors I needed, how to deal with fine lines…etc.

There are times when I’d like to wear makeup. Especially now, with my trip to Europe looming and turning 40 this coming fall. Today, I decided to ask for help with picking colors.

Everyone who works there always has amazing makeup (I’m pretty sure this is a must in a makeup store!). Sephora has this amazing little tool that takes photos of your skin and helps tell what colors are best for your skin tone. Then Shauntel helped me pick out all the items I was looking for, even showing me the best way to apply them as well.


One of the items I bought was this cute blush by Too Faced. This is their Love Flush- 16 hour blush in Justify My Love.  I usually steer away from pink blushes, but I really liked how it looked on my cheeks. Plus, what’s not to love about a heart-shaped compact.

Alex + Ani.

I’ve also been obsessed with Alex and Ani bracelets for some time. These are just a few in my collection.


I also come across lots of amazing Instagrammers.  I had a hard time picking who to share because there are so many who share spectacular photos  I decided to share two from the Virginia region who were some of my earliest followers when I began a public IG last year.  Most of their photos tend to be landscapes, which is what most of my IG photos tend to be.  They are far superior in what they share and have wonderful feeds.

Check them out, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

@kenton_steryous and @jordanchilds .


Lastly, a song I’m loving this week:

I hope you all have exciting… or relaxing… plans for your weekend. 🙂


Let your light shine!



27 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. I have a live/hate relationship with clothes shopping. Rarely do I find what I have in my mind’s eye at the stores.

    I like Two Faced liisticks and their packaging. I bought and Hourglass blush in a soft pink last year I am still loving.

    Your bracelets look lovely.

    I hadn’t heard that song or vocalist before. I love her sultry voice. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That is exactly how I feel about clothes shopping. I always try to pick up pieces when I love them because when I actually want/need something I can’t find it!

      I have not tried their lipsticks. I plan to go back and look at lipsticks and they were out of the color of eyeliner I wanted. I usually wear peach colored blushes to keep in line with a very neutral palette, but I did love this.

      I love the bracelets. I can’t wear most bangles as they are usually made for women with hands that are more petite than mine. These are expandable as they go over the hand.

      I love Lauren Daigle’s voice. I think I first heard her last year. She’s up for a grammy this year. I have not heard a song by her that I haven’t loved. 🙂

      1. I’ve always heard/read that blush and lipsticks should be as close to your natural flush, and lip color to really make you look natural and glow…the glow is assuming you’re wearing the right color palette/season for your skin type. My colors in that vein are in the rosy pinks. I warm up my skin with bronzer rather than go to the peach side of the color palette which tends to turn orange on my especially lipsticks.

        I find I’m either ahead of the times or behind with fashion. Thankfully, I’m pretty happy in solid t’s, and a good boot cut jean or slacks topped with a blazer. 🙂 Since that look is pretty timeless I don’t need to shop very often. It’s when I need blouses, suits, lingerie, and shoes I really run into trouble.
        When I do find something I really like and it fits I buy two or as many as I can afford and put the extras away to replace the one I wear out. I do that with shoes, clothes, and lipsticks! If I don’t I know when the item does wear out I won’t be able to find it ever again. 🙁

        Lauren Daigle’s voice reminded me of Adele’s husky, sultry voice which I also like very much. I’m going to listen to more Lauren Daigle’s songs and see if I like them all. 🙂

      2. I prefer timeless pieces. I do a few trends, but it’s more about seeing them in a store and liking them than a keeping up with what somebody is deeming fashionable at the moment 🙂
        I hate when a piece I love wears out. I should really pick up more than 1. I used to shop the end of season shoe sales when I lived in Naples, so a second pair wasn’t an option, but I would snag some awesome finds!

  2. I am preparation mode for a beauty post. It’s probably months away, but I’m going to write one, and I will include the ‘over 30-ness’ (or in my case over-40-ness) of it all. I should think with your coloring, the pink would be a hit!
    I love the “Now say I’m pretty” mug! 😀
    Thanks for the cheer!

    1. I totally need to learn the over 30-ness or 40-ness of it all so I’ll be looking forward to that post. I’ve deliberated a “Botox or Bangs” post…and it still may come in the future. 🙂 I guess my coloring is why the pink worked out. I was very fearful of 80’s bubble gum cheeks and blue eyeshadow vibe, but it didn’t feel that way at all. 🙂 The “Now say I’m pretty” is my favorite part of the mug and the main reason that I love it!!

      1. Bangs or Botox was suggested to me by a stylist when I was TWENTY-EIGHT.
        I think anything is just how you wear it and how it suits you 🙂

  3. I actually went out clothes shopping with my hub this morning and helped him choose some clothes for himself (he’s off on a work trip). Wasn’t nearly as much fun as shopping for myself, the only thing I got myself was a new bra and some hair color! 😏

  4. BOTOX! Yes! Fillers. YES! I’ve been really happy with it on my forehead ,and “II” lines between my eyes. Filler for the marionette lines. OMG! YES, YES, YES!

    Baby Girl will be 28 this year. 28! I blinked and it’s nearly here! Sigh! I’m thinking she should start Rentinol A 0.5% now, and wear sunblock everyday, but does she listen to me? Not as much as she should when it comes to make-up, wrinkles. Just sayin. I’ve worn sunblock everyday since I was 35. It works! I have been trying to get her to use it daily since she was 14.

    Joey I want to read your upcoming beauty post!!

  5. I love shopping, but mostly because I like to browse and find fun things that make me smile … like the mug and the brick 🙂
    I have a love/hate relationship with girly-girl stuff … my age and colouring make it a non-starter … but like you, I’m outnumbered in the female to male ratio so I like the counterbalance 🙂

    1. Some days I really love shopping and others times it feels like a chore. I did have quite a few more options where I used to live, but I need to spend more time hunting out the little shops around here.
      I’m a very neutral palette person. My house is mostly browns and creams. We did paint the walls a greenish/gray (Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams) because I needed to have some seaside brightness to remind me of my hometown. Most of the decor and my clothing falls along those color lines as well. 🙂

  6. Oddly I like clothes shopping more than my wife does, in fact I sometimes have to give her a nudge to refresh her wardrobe a bit. A wife who doesn’t like to clothes shop – does that make me the luckiest guy ever??? 😀

    1. My mother and I used to do shopping excursions together when I lived in Florida. It feels very different to go alone. I usually drag my husband along and make him watch the fashion show.
      I think most guys would think you very lucky to have a wife who doesn’t like to shop! 🙂

  7. Guess what, I was thinking about you this weekend – thinking I should search for your url. You must have “heard” the cog wheels of my mind turning:)
    The good news with shopping right now is there’s no rush! After so many years of having to dress my best in my job, I’m still swimming in clothes, But how can you not find clothes in Amsterdam?? Or, were they too expensive? Right now my son is living there, because of a job (maybe you remember I’m Dutch).
    Scrolled to some of your latest posts – the one of your father in law was very touching! You know you have a knack for writing? Hope you’re doing something with it!
    Glad you found me back:) Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. I started on the shopping early so I would have plenty of time to figure out what I want. I’m trying to pack light is the reason that it becomes hard to find what I’m looking for. I was mainly on a hunt for leggings, but couldn’t find any that fit the way that I wanted. Also, the bigger stores were changing their seasons, so the stores were a little in disarray. I’d probably have better luck this week.
      Is your son enjoying it there? I’ve heard it’s a wonderful place.
      Thank you for the compliments on my writing. It means a lot. 🙂
      Happy Valentine’s Day!

      1. Be sure to visit the van Gogh museum (it’s just around the corner – 10 min. walk of the Rijks museum in Amsterdam, which is more well known to tourists).
        If you have any questions, let me know:)
        My first year of Psychology I studied there, and I did an art workshop three years ago.
        Hope you find your leggings!

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