Friday Faves – “On the Go” Edition



On the Go!

That probably describes every aspect of my life right now.

Probably yours too! Right?!

Ferrying kids here, shuttling others there and feeling undeniably grateful that I have actually lived here long enough to have other parents to switch off on carpools.

And then trying to plan trips and remember to pay the bills.

Travel Wardrobe.

I did make a little headway this week on my travel wardrobe. I really am trying to plan for each of us to take only a carry-on. This weekend we will do the trial run to see if I am being realistic. Some of my friends are skeptical. 🙂

The shirts in the background of my photo are an actual rack of shirts I tried on.  I am looking for some black shirts that can be dressed up or down depending on what we are doing. Shirts will be my biggest deterrent in being able to fit everything into a carry-on.  I can’t see wearing any more than once.

Why? Because here’s a little secret: I am a nervous sweater. It can be 30°F and if I am walking into unfamiliar scenarios, I will sweat. But women don’t sweat…they glisten or sparkle or glow.  Yeah. Lucky you. Me. Not so lucky.

First time leaving United States soil… Flying across the ocean… Big, unfamiliar cities… I will be packing enough shirts.



Pants, however, will be a different story.  It has been recommended to bring a black pair and a pair of dark washed jeans.  I have not determined how many pairs I will be bringing, but the hunt for the above black pair was arduous enough.

I was on a hunt for leggings and was disappointed at the fact that they were all more opaque than I wanted.  At American Eagle, I finally found these Sateen jeggings.  They don’t get saggy by the end of the day, unlike some others that I’ve tried.  They don’t ride so low that I need to constantly be hiking them up if I need to bend over. And while the regulars were too short, the longs weren’t too long, which is important in a skinny jean.

I thought that I’d just order up another pair in a dark jean wash.  However, the sateen version is their “colored” jeans… at this time in burgundies and greens.  I don’t necessarily like their other jegging versions since they tend to feel tight around my calf muscle (which strikes me as strange since I don’t have large calves).  I think I’m just particular, but I will be going back to try on the different styles.

And I do not intend on taking those shoes!  They are just my favorite dress up pair.

I am still on the hunt for the perfect all-day walking around shoe.

Shoes for Traveling.

My 13-year-old daughter plans to wear her Converse.  She wears them every day so I guess she’ll be fine.

I love mine too.

But… I’m 3x her age and even though my feet are strong from yoga, they like a little arch support in return for holding up my body all day.

I have been eyeing Superga’s or some type of old-school New Balance-like shoe for my all-day shoe.

I will probably throw in my ballet flats as a second pair.

I’m known to pack too many shoes and usually end up only wearing 1-2 pairs.

Space will be a commodity and shoes takes up precious area.


Travel Gear.

I purchased a universal adapter since the plugs are different in Europe.

I may need to get more since we all have phones.

I also got this cute pouch that doesn’t allow for RFID readers.

I like to think identity theft doesn’t exist, but I’ve had my credit card compromised too many times to believe that.



I picked up a new read at the library.

It was on the new release shelf, so I don’t know if it’ll be good or not.

I’ve shared that yoga is my favorite form of exercise.

We also have a pull-up bar that hangs from a beam in our basement storage room.

My goal is to be able to complete some pull-ups.

They are VERY hard!

But it is a goal nonetheless.

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While I’m busily preparing for time away, I’m still making sure to take the time to stop and notice the beauty of nature.

The cycle of spring.

Flowers blooming.

Bees buzzing.


Snapchat Filter.

I hope you have an amazing weekend filled little moments of smiles.

Here’s one from my little snapchats with my girlie at the end of a long day….crazy hair and all.

Spread some kindness and a little laughter.


So lastly, a song I’m loving this week…. because… Paris.


Let your light shine!


15 thoughts on “Friday Faves – “On the Go” Edition

  1. You might want to also consider getting a portable recharger. They are very handy while travelling … especially with multiple devices that need charging and a limited number of adaptors.
    Most rechargers can charge 2 devices at the same time and because they are relatively small, I’ve been known to carry one in my purse while my camera and phone were charging.

    1. Thank you for mentioning that Joanne! The kids do have those portable rechargers. I need to remind them to be sure to pack them. Especially since they seem to drain their phone batteries rapidly ;).

    1. Thanks so much for the recommendations Audrey! I’ve started making my “first aid” list since I don’t usually pack all the little common medications since I have always know what stores are nearby in the States.

  2. Very exciting stuff! I’ve been shopping a lot this week, because spring. I still have s’more to do, and I don’t like shopping. :/ I might be more inspired to shop if I were headed to France!
    I think I’d be a Converse packer, too. I must say, they’re my most comfortable pair.
    My fave black pants are from CJ Banks. I wear them at least once a week. I believe they are the most versatile piece of my wardrobe
    I’m relieved to know you’re a nervous sweater. I’m not, but I sure don’t glisten when it’s hot, I sweat like a hog.

    1. We have packed a LOT of shopping into the weekend. I don’t really love shopping, but it’s sometimes necessary ;).
      I’m trying to create a more streamlined wardrobe since I own know what I like and have no idea why I have things that I’ll never wear in my closet.
      I probably sweat like a hog in the Florida sunshine. I distinctly remember soaked tank tops. lol.

  3. Wardrobe is definitely important, I get you! 😊 But still, I’d just go in my normal clothes (sneakers and all) and then buy something there, there are going to be temptations anyway 😊 And I try to always pack light. But maybe you won’t have time to do shopping… French women do wear lots of high heels/pumps all year round, but personally, I feel too tall for high heels in France, where everyone is tiny and I stand out anyway 😉

    1. I am hoping to pack light because I’m sure to find something that I want to bring home with me. 🙂 I am a jeans and sneakers girl all the way. I hadn’t thought about everyone being tiny 😉

  4. One thing I like to do is take tops or a pair of jeans that I’m ready to jettison and throw them away while traveling. This leaves me room to buy new stuff from some place new. 🙂

    Once while in France for 11 days I threw out a turtleneck and came back to find it neatly folded and placed on the bed. I threw it out the following morning and came back and found it once again folded neatly laying on the bed. I made a point of seeking out the housekeeper later that afternoon, and told her I was throwing it away. Really. She said, “It had lots of life left in it!” I told her if she wanted it she was welcome to it, but I didn’t want it anymore. I had worn it for three winters already I wanted something from France to replace it! 🙂

    I never saw it again after that. 🙂 Mind you I have favorite tops I wear until they’ll falling apart! Just not that one. 🙂

    If you roll up your tops you can get a lot in your carry-on. I’m a T-shirt gal so I take lots and two blazers and two pair of pants, and two pairs of shoes. I accessorize with scarves and jewelry (costume!) I was pulled aside at TSA for my tin case of chokers, necklaces, and ear-rings once. The NSA guy said he just had to see it to believe it.” Mam, you really are a girly girl!” “A gal’s gotta have her accessories.” I replied. 🙂

    Toiletries always kill me! Just paring down to the very basics still take up a huge amount of room in the carry-on. I take only travel size toothpaste, deodorant, and lotion. You can buy all that stuff in France or wherevah. The names are different but, I find it fun to shop for products and food I in foreign countries. Bringing them home and using them brings back the memories of the trip for a long time to come. I had a great time one day on another trip to France with a sinus achy face trying to explain in my poor French that I needed saline spray at the pharmacy. He, the pharmacist got it straight-away! I floated on that victory of language usage for a week! 🙂

    1. That is a hilarious story about the turtleneck! I’m sure she ended up getting some good use out of it.
      I have actually been on the hunt for a blazer since I don’t own one and think it would make the perfect missing piece to my layering. I’m planning to add a few scarves to take some of the black tees from day to night.
      I don’t speak French, but the oldest had 3 years of it. He didn’t take it this year, so I’m hoping he can hobble us through the necessities of the language barrier! 🙂

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