Friday Faves Edition 62


I can’t believe that it’s already Friday!

Not only that, it’s the last Friday in April!


Friday Faves.

Most of my week has been checking off boxes…but they have made me feel productive so they also qualify for my Friday Faves.

Over the weekend, I became more deliberate in my efforts to get my photos backed up to an external hard drive. I need the space on my laptop and I needed to feel comfortable about deleting the photos stored on my camera.

I still quite a way to go, but I made substantial headway.


They say that laughter is the best medicine.

I was trying to film a story for Instagram and Miss Sunshine kept waiting until I’d start recording and then ask me random questions.

It was quite hilarious.

Finally, I told her that I was going to post the one where she’d deepened her voice and said something random. She quickly deleted that one from my phone.

Then, I thought perhaps she’d head to the kitchen to eat her food, but she still photobombed me. I could see her from the corner of my eye, but thought I’d be able to maintain my composure.

I didn’t.

This one did get posted to my Instagram story. Followed by my original intent of asking people what they found the hardest to give up on a vegan diet.


I have been following a mostly vegan diet for almost 3 weeks. We did make a conscious decision to eat vegetarian on Sunday because we needed to have a family meeting about summer plans.

Finding a restaurant that everyone likes is hard enough. We opted for Mellow Mushroom, which is a pizza place. The hubby and I got their Veg Out pizza and it was sooo good.

I am aware that Mellow Mushroom offers vegan cheese. However, I haven’t tried vegan cheese before and I notoriously choose items when dining out that turn out to be repulsive. Just ask my family about that time in Paris when the pasta dish I ordered came with a raw egg cracked on top. I ate around it and then waited to finish what was left on the other 4 plates!

I do plan to eat all types of food when I travel to the UK in two weeks. Given the fact that it may indeed bother my stomach, there will be days here and there leading up to it where I will add in things I’ve cut out to see if they bother my digestive system.

If you’re curious about the picture of the vegan lunch I made one day, it’s Toasted Flax Ezekiel Bread, Roasted Garlic Hummus, Cucumber, Tomato, Shredded Carrots, Alfalfa Sprouts, and a bit of Red Onion.

The hubby finds that eating vegan agrees very well with him. I still haven’t found the proper ratios (or maybe vitamins and minerals) for my body. I think it shifted my hormones and I had a few days recently where I wanted to take a nap (but didn’t) in the afternoon. Occasionally, I also feel what I call a hollowness (for lack of a better explanation). Not necessarily hungry, but sort of.

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.

We’ll be using all of those when my mom and I travel to the UK.

Yep. You read that right.

My mom and I decided to rent a car for our day on the Isle of Lewis. There is public transportation, but with only having a day, the timetable left us fairly restricted. My mom is going to be the driver while I navigate. Eek!

I also booked the remainder of our trains, so there is only some to and from the airport in Inverness stuff left to deal with, but buses and taxis are both available.


I think that I’m going to bring my tripod with me on this trip, which is another reason why my suitcase needs to be packed lightly. The tripod only weighs a little over five pounds, so it should be fine.

One of my thoughts behind packing leggings….which I haven’t shopped for yet…was minimizing space.

I learn a little more about packing each time I travel though, and while I love to look cute in a city, I much more prefer staying dry…warm…packing lightly… than I care about making a fashion statement.


I made the announcement for my May Challenge. The fact that I will be traveling for a portion of it helped with the direction that it’ll take.

Accident Prone.

The response to my poll on my Instagram story was 100% Yes.

Not only did I drop something heavy on my big toe over the weekend, but I had a major mishap on Wednesday.

While talking on the phone with my mom about what sightseeing we should do in London, I proceeded to walk down the stairs from my office (need a visual of the stairs, they are in my Photowall review post).

You know where this is going, don’t you?

I proceeded to slide down about three or four stairs. In trying to catch myself with my left hand, I wrenched my back and jammed my shoulder. I still landed on the tailbone and right sits bone. I’m sure I scared my mother as I yelled (maybe cursed a little) and then took deep breaths to pretend like I could breathe out the hurt.

Most of the back and shoulder pain left the next day. However, there is a monstrous purple bruise on my bottom that is still sore enough that I bypassed Pilates today because I can’t imagine doing roll-ups and some other moves up on to it.

Team Photos.

Last year I was asked to take a photo of Miss Sunshine’s middle school soccer team. They have professional photos taken, but it’s usually still wintery and they wanted a warmer weather photo of the team to give as part of the coach’s gifts. I also took a photo of the girls’ cleats which I shared in this post.

This year, I was asked again to take a team photo and agreed.

I will tell you that these types of shoots make my anxiety climb…and climb. Yes, I am doing it as a favor, but I am still hoping to meet somebody’s expectations. I am a people pleaser by nature. I don’t like people to be disappointed in me. So the team shoot already makes me nervous. I photograph landscapes (some of which I shared on Tuesday and Thursday . Their eyes don’t blink. They rarely move unless the wind blows.

Lighting and angles of humans are not my strong points.

Individual Photos.

I had heard a rumor that I was going to be asked to take individual photos. This made me feel even more pressured. I will reiterate that this is pressure I put on myself. The people I interact with I’ve known for years and are great.

I had around a 20-minute timeline to shoot a team photo and then take individuals of 24 girls. This meant there wasn’t time to check my work and see if the photos came out as I went along. I imported them this morning. It does appear that I have a group shot were all 24 girls and the coaches have their eyes open (the first thing I look for), but I’ll need to look at them more closely. Same with the individuals. In review, I noticed two of the girls weren’t in line for individuals, but I know them and can take them later if they want them. Still, I know the photos aren’t professional grade and looking back I wish I’d changed the f/stop, but time was short, I needed to get through them all, and I didn’t think about it.

The one of Miss Sunshine is just a quick edit that I did for this post. I don’t know if it’s the final product.

Here’s to hoping the parents like them.

8th Grade Recognition.

At the final home game, the 8th-grade girls are recognized before the game. Along the fence surrounding the fields, they attach a giant cardboard soccer ball that has the name and jersey number of each girl. During the ceremony, the eighth-grade girls step forward from the team and then each one is named and presented with a rose from their coaches.

This isn’t the final product of this photo either. I just don’t share too many faces of teens that aren’t mine.

Both of her brothers had the day off from work so they were able to come to her game. I think she’d have like to have scored a goal, but she had a clean assist and some nice shots on goal.

Summer Plans.

I mentioned in my post on Wednesday that I need to see some of my people. Miss Sunshine and I are in the early stages of planning an extended trip to Florida (mainly Naples) over the summer. I’ll let you know more about that as I begin to have more concrete plans.

I hope that you have a beautiful weekend and a fabulous week ahead.

We have warm days ahead and I couldn’t be happier.

Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light - Theodore Roethke

Let your light shine!


20 thoughts on “Friday Faves Edition 62

    1. Thanks Deborah! I’m glad that you think the team photos look good. I am my own worst critic. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Marcus! The fall definitely could have been worse!! I’m glad you think the soccer pics are great. I tend to be a harsh critic of my work. πŸ˜‰. You have a splendid weekend as well!!

  1. Sorry you fell down the stairs. I know that’s never fun… and I should know, since I’ve done that myself more times than I can keep track of anymore. πŸ˜›

    Hope your bruise heals soon!

  2. Oof, sorry about your accidents. My whole life is like that :/
    It’s great you’re doing the photos again. You’re doing a great job if you’re being asked back. I loved last year’s group foot shot. Keep up the good work!
    I would rather drive than navigate. At least, with my husband. Oy.

    1. Thanks Joey. I usually have a random bruise somewhere where’ve I’ve bumped into something…story of my life too.
      I enjoyed taking the photos. They opted for solos instead of the foot shot this year. Hopefully, everyone will be pleased. πŸ™‚
      Sometimes I prefer to be in the driver seat, but I did all the navigating by foot in the UK last year and think I can handle it better. lol.

  3. Missed you last week! I mean I did read the post, just was absolutely too exhausted to stay awake long enough to say Hi. For some reason it didn’t feel right, so I made sure to say Hi this week. Your adventures keep getting more and more fun and I remain jealous. I am so close to my trip to the UK and Scotland this August I can taste it. Feels a bit surreal. Perhaps after the kids are all gone trips will become a tad more frequent, who knows. Feel you completely regarding soccer photos. I did the same thing years ago with the league of which I happened to be Commissioner. Too much pressure. But that pressure was nothing compared to the pressure I felt yesterday my girl sent me a text in the middle of the afternoon asking if I would come up and shoot pictures for her Senior prom. She has no edit, no filter and she has no problem letting you know how she feels about something right there on the spot. So with it being her last prom, and her friends wanting real nice prom pics, I was feeling the pressure. So far so good, but I have yet to hear all of her friends reactions. Needless to say I brought 3 cameras with me and uses them all. Boy do I know about accident prone. And I don’t even need a reason. That whole vegan thing? Not really my cup of tea, but if you really notice the health benefits, please pass that along. I do love Mellow Mushroom though. In any case, sounds like the last 2 weeks have been just as busy as any other! I’m about 2 weeks away from a bit of a slow down after just over 2 months of non stop productions, late nights/long hours. I am ready for a bit of a breather! As always, thank you for sharing. Hoping you have a fantastic week!

    1. Thanks so much for coming by to say Hi!!

      I’m looking forward to my trip to the UK. I’m sure you’ll love your time there.

      Prom photos definitely sound like more pressure than soccer!! I’m sure they’ll love them.

      I know that I won’t stay completely vegan. I’ve read terms such as “flexitarian” or “vegan-leaning vegetarian” which are probably closer to where I’m moving. I may add fish in occasionally as well. I am feeling better, but can’t say if it’s due to eating more vegan or the fact the my food is healthier in general (lots more veggies).

      I know what you mean about being ready for a breather. That’s how I feel about the trip I’m about to take with my mom. I’m really hoping there aren’t any snafu’s because I could use a mental slow down.

      I hope that you are having a fantastic week!!

  4. Amazing how full your week sounds. I think you’re right about being more accident prone before holidays, possibly because we’re more distracted than usual. Stay safe!

    1. Being distracted is probably the key element there! πŸ™‚ I head out in about a week and am looking forward to it.

  5. Ugh! I cant believe I am this far behind on your posts-I am reading Friday favs on Tuesday! Please forgive me!πŸ’•

  6. I LOVE your Friday Faves!!! I get so excited when I see one posted!!

    Haha, that is so cute with the video.

    I am drooling over that sandwich! YUM! (thank you for sharing what is in it- LOVE Ezekiel bread). Ahhhh I have heard of mellow mushroom! I think they have one in Dallas area that I’ve wanted to try.

    Also, I know alllll about that accident prone life, bahaha, I just ran a race and literally ate it around mile nine (meaning flew face first into the ground). Hope there are no permanent injuries and you are feeling better. Gosh, I sympathize. Hahha.

    You are one busy beee!!!! What a fun summer you already are having and have planned. Can’t wait to read about your travels!

    1. I love Ezekiel bread too! I’m loving avocado, tomato, and sprouts too! We love Mellow Mushroom.
      Oh no!! Sorry to hear about you fall during your race. I hope that you are all recovered now!
      We are on the train from Inverness to Edinburgh, so I am finally catching up on the blog comments. Lots of fun so far. Can’t wait to get things together to share.

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