Friday Faves – Edition 40



Edition 40.

Today is Edition 40 of my Friday Faves.

I feel like I should have a celebration or something.

Edition 40 during my year of being 40.

Seems special… right?!

Anyway, just know that I’m doing a happy dance to mark my excitement.

I know that might make it seems like my faves this week will be something phenomenal. But, no… it was just a week.

In fact, I have no idea how this day came so fast. Each day I had to remind myself which day of the week it was because I was certain it was really the one before.


When I shared my faves in last Friday’s post, I told you that Miss Sunshine and I were heading down to Greensboro, North Carolina for her final fall soccer tournament. In true teenager fashion, 10 minutes before we were going to head out the door, she discovered that her undershirt (because it was going to super cold!) was at the bottom of her soccer bag and smelled. We ran it through a quick wash and then got it mostly dry and hung it in the car for the drive down. We weren’t really on a timeline. It just gets dark and 5:30 pm and I prefer to travel to parts unknown in the daylight. 3/4 of the drive in daylight wasn’t horrid because the directions were pretty easy.


After checking in to the hotel, Miss Sunshine and I went to eat at Logan’s Roadhouse. I don’t know if you have these where you are, but it’s a chain. There are barrels of peanuts around and pails of them on your table. The shells are thrown to the ground.

This place would be a horror to anyone with a peanut allergy. Luckily, we don’t have that problem. We had a nice steak dinner while Miss Sunshine regaled me with ideas for an invention she must think up as part of an essay to apply to a specialized high school around these parts.

Game Delays.

Her first game the next morning was delayed due to the earlier games needing to start later… because there was FROST on the ground. That game was a tie. The later game they won 11-0. They needed to keep it a shutout from a point system, but as the score climbed, the players were moved around to positions they don’t often play in order to not humiliate the other team. Sunday was an 8 am game. Ugghhh… This meant that I got up at 5:45 am. I don’t even do that during the week. We watched the sunrise over the highway on the drive to the fields. They won that game 8-0. This meant they would head into the championship against the team that they had tied the previous day.


And they came out the victors!

They won the game 1-0. I’m not going to delve in too deep about the poor sportsmanship shown by the other team during the game. I will say that in the 7 years that Miss Sunshine has played soccer, I have never seen a player stand there at kick at another player’s ankles while they are waiting for a throw-in. Which happened right in front of the sideline.

You get injured in soccer.

I get that.

Miss Sunshine had a nasty bruise on her inner lower leg. I have no problem with that. It’s the unfortunate mishap when two people are both going for the ball.

I do have an issue with the dirty, sometimes dangerous moves that were happening. The center ref did not have control of the field and we’re lucky none of the girls were seriously injured.

And in true poor sportsmanship fashion, the other team did not even attend the medaling ceremony to collect their medals.

Snapchat Filters.

But enough about that!

Here’s how I entertain myself while I try to stay warm in the car during her warm-ups.

Aren’t Snapchat filters so much fun! I felt just like a sleepy bear needing to hibernate for the winter. But I did get to pull out that cashmere scarf that I bought in Scotland! FYI- if you haven’t been around the blog long enough to have read about my trip to Scotland, the scarf was Made in Scotland. You have to see those words on the tag to know that it was actually made there. I’m glad somebody gave me the heads up about that before I traveled there.

So…speaking of filters.

Miss Sunshine had a presentation to do in Spanish today. It required photos of the family. This is the one I chose of me. The hubby took this shot while we were at lunch at Mabry Mill. The lighting was harsh and showed how badly my face needed some lotion or some makeup (and maybe 20 years taken off). I did let her take in a selfie of the hubby and me that wasn’t edited, but this wasn’t going up on a Powerpoint in front of the class without some editing.

Editing Photos.

I don’t often talk about my editing because each photo is different. Some are edited, some are not. Some a little, some a lot. I don’t have Lightroom yet.  That’s next on my list, but my laptop is almost out of space so I need to migrate my photo library to an external hard drive and I get scared about losing my photos in the process

I thought that just for fun I’d tell you how I edited this photo of me.

First of all, here are the settings for the Sony Alpha 7 II:  ISO 250 | 28 mm | f/4.5.

It was shot on Aperture Priority. I was the one who chose the depth of field. I’m a fan of shallow depth.

Right now I just have the Sony FE 3.5-5.6/28-70 mm OSS lens. I want to add a 50 mm f/1.8 so that I can have an even shallower depth. The issue is that the Sony lens costs 3x more than a Nikon or Canon one. You can buy adapter rings for those lenses to fit…so it’s just a matter of deciding which route to go.

But back to the editing.


I edited this photo in the Snapseed App on my phone. Sometimes I also use the VSCO app or A Color Story app for certain things, but I predominately use Snapseed.

Miss Sunshine needed to get this into her Powerpoint, so I needed to edit quickly. I’ve never used the “looks” part of Snapseed, but I checked out Smooth. It made me look fake. I did not want that (heck, I left all those forehead wrinkles that show up when I raise my eyebrows.

Ok… they sort of stay there even when my eyebrows are in a normal position. 36 years in the Florida sun with fair skin will do that. Add four more years of dry, cold Virginia winters…and…yeah).

The portrait “look” was a more realistic filter so that was what I used. Under Curves, I added U01. I liked how it added a tone reminiscent of an 80’s film photograph.

Then it was time to tune the image and make it a little more unique than just laying filters on it. Here’s what I chose: brightness +4, contrast +2, saturation +7, ambiance +5.

I actually start from the bottom of this list and work my way up, adjusting to my preference. Sometimes I may work with highlights and lowlights after that, but not always.

And there you have it!



I picked up a new journal this week. Not because I needed one, but because I thought it was pretty. Sometimes you just need pretty. I haven’t decided what I want to fill its lines with.

Will it be a story?

Will it be lists?

Will it be thoughts?

New phases in motherhood.

Big Mr. applied to his first college and is working on a few other applications.

Mr. D becomes a solo driver tomorrow.

Each of those things makes me realize how close we are moving to them flying from the nest.

As I think about the leaves that are now falling from the trees, I recognize a new season approaching.

Both in the weather and in my life.


The song I chose this week is by the Australian, Xavier Rudd.

I made the executive decision this week to push my 5k goal into the spring. The cold and I don’t get along and I want to enjoy my first race.

This presents a training issue. I gave up my yoga classes to run…and I miss them. I don’t want to give up my Pilates classes either, so I’ll have to rethink my schedule.

As I sat today, in day 48 of meditation, I realized that I often make my life more complex than it needs to be.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. It’ll be my first without a soccer game, but Miss Sunshine has to finish up a project for Science so I’ll likely be around the house. Sounds like a good time for some book reading. I need to make some headway on Middlemarch.

In any given moment we have two option: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety. - Abraham Maslow

Let your light shine!


9 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Edition 40

  1. That photo of you resting your chin on your hand is amazing. And the new journal looks amazing too (I’m SUCH a stationary nerd). Also – we have some horrible war stories from football too. And rugby. A “friendly” game recently had to be reported officially, and apparently the opposition side have been reprimanded – for behaviour, dissent, violence – you name it. The were only 12 year olds… somebody taught them to do it.

    1. Thank you. I really liked it too. And I’m pretty picky about photos of me. I was planning to edit it and use it when I got around to talking about our dining experience. It may make a repeat appearance in the future. I love stationary more than I should. The fact that you know they are “coached” to do these things is the part that I find baffling. We had a player kicked in the tailbone and she didn’t even have the ball. These were 14 year olds. Crazy! We definitely experienced it getting rougher each year that they age, but usually the ref puts a stop to it (I’m not saying our team never gets fouled, but the girls play a pretty clean game).

  2. As usual I don’t understand the photo stuff. I love the photo of you, years and all. I wish you didn’t feel as you do. One day you will be 99 and you will see this photo and be all, “I was so young and beautiful then.” Keep working on your perspectives all around πŸ˜‰
    I hate to hear about unsportsmanlike conduct. :/ Sassy gets bruises in swimming. From climbing over. It’s not even a contact sport, poor kid. I can’t even direct my anger at the wall’s untoward behavior Hah!
    Lovely journal, I can see the softness.

    1. I thought the photo stuff might cause some glazed eyes, but then some who follow are photographers and know way more than I do. πŸ˜‰
      I am working hard against the negative self-talk. I felt lovely that day, but then I see photos and have the hardest time not being harsh on myself because it doesn’t look the same as how I saw myself in the mirror.
      I would totally be like Sassy. I bruise so easily. Today I found a little bruise on my belly and I’m all like…where in the world did this come from!? Unsportsmanlike conduct is stinky. I wasn’t raised in sports, so I’m always shocked.
      I thought the journal had a classic beauty. Made me feel like I could be a writer of a classic. πŸ˜‰

  3. Very entertaining reading while I was waiting for my sonβ€˜s soccer game to start. Weβ€˜ve had our share of unsportsmanlike opponents as well. Iβ€˜m dreading going out into the rain and wind now to watch, but I canβ€˜t see the field from my car πŸ˜‰ Love your portrait, itβ€˜s not bad at all. Have a great weekend, Amy! Marcus

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