Friday Faves – Edition 30



Edition 30.

It’s Friday!

This is where I round up my faves for the week.

I’ve been having a hard time finding the upbeat self that I like to bring to Friday.


Not just today… but for days.

Hurricane Irma.

Quite a few of you know that I am from Naples, Florida.

A rare native. Born there. Lived there until I was 30.

Directly in the path of Hurricane Irma… Naples, Florida.

And while I left Naples in 2008 and Florida in 2013, my family remains. Immediate…extended. Friends. I have friends in Okeechobee. The city to the north of the Lake Okeechobee that they are rapidly lowering so that it doesn’t overflow. I have friends from our last home on the East Coast. The Jensen Beach/Stuart area. Friends that live on the barrier island. Friends that live in low lying areas. Numerous other family and friends spread throughout the state.

And I am worried. Physical manifestations on my face…worried. Nauseous…worried.

My immediate family is staying. They live inland, which is currently on target for impact. They are in wood frame homes.

I wish they’d have fled.

It’s easy to say shoulda, coulda, woulda… but the reality is that people are running out of gas on the highway and many gas stations have no gas. Gas stations that do have gas are lined 50-75+ cars deep. It is taking about 4-6 hours to drive 80 miles.

I am deeply concerned.

And yet, I still have soccer games to attend this weekend, deadlines on Senior things, people to feed and keep in clean clothes.


So for this moment…right now in this moment… I will focus on the things this week that I have been grateful for.



This Girl.

Yesterday the girlie in white turned 40. If you’ve followed along for some time, then you will know that this is my dad’s half-sister.

But in reality, she is almost more like my sister.

Jami and I were born 5 days apart and when we were 12, they moved next door.

I’ve shared some funny tales from our youth in this post and this post. At the age of 19, she was diagnosed with Lupus. There would be lots of health scares over the years, some nearly ending in death. A little over two years ago, I would dance with her at her wedding to “our” song.

And now she has crossed that milestone that we thought was so ancient when we were young, cruising around in my red hot rod, waving at random people.

Each year, I get to tease her for those 5 days that she is “so much older” than me.


This Face.

As much as Maverick drives me crazy by eating every random sock he can find, he also makes me smile many times a day.

He has a random peculiarity that makes me laugh.

He loves ice cubes!

One fell onto the floor early into our ownership of him and he loved it.

Each morning, when the ice maker starts to rumble to fill Miss Sunshine’s water bottle, he races to the fridge to await “his” ice cube.


This Camera.

(and my other cameras). They help me notice the details in the world around me.

This week, a friend asked me to take some photos of her staff. I was really stressed about it because I don’t usually take photos of people and I have perfectionist tendencies, which means that often I am not happy with my photography skills (an exception to both of those was this Wednesday’s post of Miss Sunshine waiting between games at her soccer tournament).

My friend was happy with the photos and my moment of gratefulness comes from the fact that she believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

From that moment of pressing outside of my comfort zone, I have grown.

yoga mat

This mat.

Today I went to Pilates.

A text exchange with my mother right before I walked in the doors left me blinking back my tears. Tears of worry for my mother, my father, my brother, my sister-in-law, my two nephews.

And then I began to breathe.


Expand your ribs sideways.


Knit your ribs toward each other like you are tightening a corset.

Maintain that connection.

And again.

And again.

Space for a sip of air into the expansion.

Exhaling even further into the space.

I listened to her voice focusing my mind into this present space…of breath…of alignment…of finding my core….figuratively and literally.

And in this moment…I am grateful that today all of those whom I love…are safe.

Mural on the University of Strathclyde Grahams Hill Building in Glasgow, Scotland

This song.

The song that I’ve chosen this week was an artist that I stumbled upon quite by accident. Those of you in the U.K. may be familiar with him. I’ve been paying attention to synchronicity. A book I was reading mentioned the name Paolo and I thought that was the same name of an essential oil I’d just read about the day before (it was actually Palo  – Palo Santo). So I googled the name and this artist came up…Paolo Nutini… AND… he was from Paisley, Scotland. And ya’ll know how much I loved Scotland. Plus, I’m pretty sure I have ancestral relatives from Paisley. I definitely have some from Renfrewshire, as recently as my 4th great-grandparents, Cecelia Findley and James Scott. So this artist it was…I hope you enjoy:

May you find moments to breathe…to focus….to be…

The Real Gift of Gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become. - Robert Holden

Let your light shine!









13 thoughts on “Friday Faves – Edition 30

  1. Lovely to see Maverick’s face and I love Paolo Nutini’s music – he is very popular over here. Praying everyone will stay safe from Irma and sending love your way 💖 xxx

  2. I wrote of my Florida people concern today, too. I couldn’t find the momentum to be cheerful or funny. I think you did a much better job bringing your positives to the surface, and I appreciate that. I needed that, I think.
    I’ve had a headache, a migraine, another headache, very little sleep — all off kilter, worried so much. I’ll be glad when it’s over. For now, I’ll enjoy playing online Scrabble with my mother.

    1. I can’t find that momentum either. I can’t find it in me to clean. I am paralyzed. I know worry doesn’t change outcomes, but that is easier said than done when you see this thing looming towards people you love.
      I hope you find some moments of peace in your online Scrabble time. I will definitely be happy when it’s over and I’ve heard all are safe.

      1. YES! I feel paralyzed, too. Draggin myself around. I hope time speeds up and it passes quickly, because this is a big bad wolf for hearts and minds.

  3. What a beautiful & tender post, my thoughts are with you and your family (& friends!), I can feel your anguish and I’m glad you found the breath you need to make it to the other side, to finally hear that your loved ones are safe! And Maverick’s sweet face makes me smile everytime!

    1. Thank you so much. I am relieved to be on the other side of the storm and know that everyone is okay. Maverick’s face always makes the day seem brighter. I’m so happy it could bring you a smile! 🙂

    1. Thank you. I pulled that from my archives. It’s from a very early post. It’s crazy that I didn’t know at that point what would become of my blogging and yet, I’ve written over 220 posts since that.

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