A note about clarity

Fall trees in the Blue Ridge Mountains


Monday’s usually my catch up day and today is no different.

However, I just wanted to pop in and share this course that I just finished watching.

It’s called the Clarity Course.

The tagline is How to Handle Doubt, Get Unstuck, and Live Your Purpose.

It’s a free course hosted by Caroline Garnet McGraw (you can read more about her on her website which can be found here ).

It’s a series of interviews with 29 guest speakers on various topics relating to clarity. Each interview is about 25-40 minutes and the speaker also has a free gift on offer that delves further into the topic about which they spoke.

I thought it was great and gleaned tons of insights from many of the speakers. I would receive a link to the new speaker each day and, as I said, just finished the series.

Today the course opened into replays where you watch all 29 interviews. It is free and open until Thursday, November 8th, 9:00 am CST. You can also purchase the bundle and watch them at your leisure.

If this sounds like something that is right up your alley, here is the link.

And in the interest of transparency, I am in no way compensated for sharing this link. I just thought it was an awesome series and wanted to pop in and share it with you all while it was still available.

Also, since it feels strange to pop in and not share a photo…I leave you with a snap of the fall colors in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where I am fully embracing the season and getting out on a hike every day that there isn’t rain!

Let your light shine!


5 thoughts on “A note about clarity

    1. It does look magical. I’ll give it that. 🙂 I’m loving the hikes. Now if the rain would only stay away so I can do them more days. 🙂

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