30 Day Challenge…May

Boat Pose on the rooftop of Prince Street Suites in Edinburgh, Scotland. Yoga Challenge.

30 Day Challenge.

Most of you who’ve been on the journey with me, know that I’ve been doing 30-day challenges since turning 40 in September of 2017.

The challenges are meant to push me in ways that I wouldn’t typically push myself.

We are fast approaching May, so it’s time to make the announcement for what my 30 challenge will be for the month of May.

May Challenge.

I will be traveling for two weeks during the month of May, therefore, I knew that it would need to be a portable challenge.

I also wanted the challenge to be physical in nature.

With all that in mind, here is the May 30 day Challenge:

30 Day Yoga Pose Challenge

Yoga Crow pose Bakasana


I have only been practicing yoga for a few years. I wrote about how yoga was good for my soul in this post.

When I decided that I wanted to train for a 5k (which I have not participated in as of yet), I needed to open up some time in my schedule for running. I achieved this by cutting out the yoga classes (similar to power yoga) that I had been attending.

Yes, I could have created or found a flow to do at home. Or even completed some rounds of sun salutations. But the fact of the matter is that I didn’t.

Dancer Pose yoga Amy Lyon Smith

Yoga Poses.

I’ve missed my yoga time.

Granted I have stayed physically active with my Pilates classes and have stayed mentally centered with my meditation practice.

However, I’ve been wanting to incorporate more yoga back into my life.

I’ve opted for the yoga pose challenge because I am realistic about the time I have to afford to place anything extra into my life when I am traveling.

If you are interested, I am using this infographic for my challenge. I am not doing the challenge referenced in the article. I will only be completing the daily poses. This is technically a 31-day challenge. May does have 31 days or you could easily squeeze two poses into one day.

Follow Along.

As many of you know, I leave Virginia on May 9th and will return on May 22nd.

It’s very likely that I will try to include a photo of me attempting some of the poses on my Instagram stories.

I pack lightly so we’ll have to see if there’s room for workout clothes that I’d be willing to share publicly.

As much as it may appear that I like the limelight because I have a blog and share things on Instagram, you will not find my poses being performed in front of some beautiful tourist attraction.

Sorry to disappoint you.

Once we make it to the UK, the only way you’ll see the pose outside of the hotel room is if we’ve found a semi-remote place to achieve a photo…even then, some may not be shared.

…and try not to laugh too hard if, instead of a graceful swan, my poses look like an injured chicken.

I’d love for you to join along on this 30 days yoga pose challenge. Or any other yoga pose challenge that you find that you might enjoy.

Are you in?

Let me know!

When life seems overwhelming...pure bedlam...find a quiet place, close your eyes...and just breathe. -Amy Lyon Smith quote

Let your light shine!


30 Days of Yoga Poses monthly challenge

21 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge…May

  1. Sounds like a great challenge and a good one for portability.

    I’ll join you by doing my 10 little yoga poses a day, but I won’t be sharing images of me doing it! My little yoga poses are just simple stretches to keep me flexible, and since being sick I’ve not done them. I need to get back on track! I feel it first in my heel which stiffens up and hurts, and it’s hurting a bit now.

    1. I’d love to know what 10 yoga poses you do…even if you don’t share an image πŸ˜‰

      I do love this challenge’s portability. Even though I will be focusing on only one pose per day, I’m hoping it’ll encourage me to do more poses and stretching, especially given all the walking that I expect that we’ll be doing.

      1. I only know one official name of one of them Tea Tree. All the others are just stomach toning, leg, calf, waist, stretches.
        I found this little routine in a very old beauty book in a second hand bookstore back in the 90’s and have been doing them since.

  2. I won’t be joining you, but I’ll be cheering you on. Like Deborah, I do my yoga for flexibility. Challenge is beyond my scope as of yet.

    1. Cheering is always appreciated!! πŸ™‚
      I did choose a set of poses that didn’t look like that were too “challenging”. There’s only a few that I don’t think I’ve done before. The last thing I needed was too try some convoluted pose, fall on my face or break something, while traveling through a foreign country. lol.

  3. I won’t be joining you either, but I’ll be one of your cheerleaders. I’m heading toward 70 and this king of Yoga will get me hurt. I do the old folks yoga.

    Have a fabulous day. β™₯

    1. Thanks for the cheering!! I think any style of yoga is wonderful for the body. Have a fabulous day!!

  4. This is actually a very clever challenge for a month when you’re travelling. Before or after a day of sightseeing, I can’t think of anything better than some focused yoga poses to loosen up. I predict this is going to feel really good at the end of the month πŸ™‚

    1. I thought this would work well while traveling. I’m very happy about the added bonus that it might keep me limber for our action packed days!! πŸ™‚

  5. I love yoga, but I can’t do a challenge right now (with two babies to look after all day long)… but I love the idea of what you’ve been doing since September! Sometimes we need a little push in order to break our routines and live a bit more. I certainly would need one right now… but first I need a few years of sleep πŸ™‚

    1. Babies definitely keep you busy!! Any down time I had was used for sleep! I do enjoy this process of breaking out of my routines. It’ll be interesting to reflect on it as a while at the end of a year.

  6. I am so in Amy! I am also traveling at the begging and end of May, so I will be posting on Instagram- you are too right? I have to find your specific challenge so we can do them together ❀️

    1. Alright!! I will just be posting in my instagram stories. My time of day will probably be fluid, especially if I want somebody to take a photo. πŸ˜‰ I linked the infographic that I will be using for the challenge. Today is Mountain Pose! πŸ™‚

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